Sunehri Duain - سنہری دعائیں

Soft, 9780303593591, Darussalam, Abdul Malik Mujahid, urdu, 14x21
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Deep Connection with Golden Supplications

Discover the wealth of Islam's rich spiritual tradition with the Sunehri Duain Book - سنہری دعائیں. Infused with the golden supplications that the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) used to recite, this book offers you a journey through the pious layers of the Islamic prayer tradition.

More features of Sunehri Duain

Essential Guide:

The Sunehri Duain Book serves as an essential guide, showcasing when and how the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be upon Him) reverberated specific supplications.
Understandable Expression: Crafted in easily comprehensible Urdu language along with explanations, the book makes understanding and following these supplications straightforward.

Scholarly Verified:

With the guidance sought from scholars, this اسلامی دعائیں (Islamic Supplications) book ensures accuracy in its teachings, upholding the sanctity of these divine supplications.

Personal Experience:

Author Abdul Malik Mujahid shares firsthand the remarkable impact these supplications had on his daily life, inspiring readers to immerse themselves and benefit from this jewel of Islamic teachings.

Daily Companion:

Keep the Sunehri Duain Book by your side to remain under the protection and guidance of the Almighty throughout the day and night.

Experience the Divine Connection with Sunehri Duain

The Sunehri Duain Book not only teaches you the golden supplications but also guides you on how to utilize them in your daily life, resembling the practice of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

Immerse Yourself in the Pool of Golden Supplications

Dive into the realm of ری دعائیں and feel the spiritual upliftment. Open the pages of the Sunehri Duain Book to find:

Time-Tested Supplications:

The book encapsulates the supplications recited by the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be upon Him) at specific times and occasions, offering you the wealth of time-tested divine words to seek protection, guidance, and blessings.

Easy Comprehension:

Composed in an easy-to-understand language, these اسلامی دعائیں will resonate with you, lock-stepping you with the lofty Islamic traditions.
Life Impacting Experience: The author shares his experience of the incredible transformation these supplications brought to his life, inspiring you to make these golden supplications a part of your life.

Scholarly Endorsed:

In line with the high standards of Darussalam Publisher, the Sunehri Duain Book is endorsed by scholars ensuring its accuracy.

Your Daily Companion:

Make your days and nights enriched with spirituality and deep connection with the Almighty by reciting these golden supplications as taught in the Sunehri Duain Book.

In conclusion, the Sunehri Duain Book is your key to unlocking the treasure trove of powerful supplications. By weaving these اسلامی دعائیں into your daily life, you can enjoy the divine protection, blessings, and guidance that marked Prophet Muhammad's (peace be upon him) life. In addition, read more of our Islam books on prayers or you can also read our blog on how to pray in Islam.


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