Stories of the Prophets (Peace be upon them)

Hard, 9876039177210, Darussalam Publishers, Al-Hafiz Ibn Katheer, english, 632, 17x24
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Book Overview:

"Stories of the Prophets" is a comprehensive collection that chronicles the lives, missions, and key events of the prophets mentioned in Islamic tradition. Authored by the renowned Islamic scholar Al-Hafiz Ibn Katheer, this edition brings together a wealth of stories drawn from the Quran and Hadith, providing readers with a deep understanding of the fundamental teachings and exemplary conduct of these noble figures. Spanning 632 pages and presented in a visually appealing 17x24 hardcover format, the book aims to inspire readers to embrace the virtues and values demonstrated by the prophets, serving as role models for Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

Author Bio:

Al-Hafiz Ibn Katheer is celebrated in the Muslim world as one of the greatest Islamic scholars, particularly noted for his works in Hadith, Tafsir (interpretation of the Quran), and Islamic history. Born in the 14th century, his contributions to Islamic scholarship remain invaluable resources for understanding the Quran and the Sunnah. His extensive knowledge and meticulous approach to scholarship have made his works, including "Stories of the Prophets," indispensable for Muslims seeking to deepen their understanding of their faith and the exemplary lives of the prophets.


Main Features:

  • Comprehensive Coverage: Includes detailed accounts of numerous prophets, offering insights into their lives, challenges, and contributions to the spread of monotheism.
  • Authentic Sources: Relies on Quranic verses and Hadith to present accurate and respected narratives of the prophets' lives.
  • Inspiring Lessons: Each story is imbued with moral and spiritual lessons, encouraging readers to reflect on their faith and conduct.
  • Elegant Presentation: The hardcover design and quality paper enhance the reading experience, making it a valuable addition to any Islamic literature collection.
  • Authoritative Author: Written by Al-Hafiz Ibn Katheer, a distinguished scholar of Hadith, Tafsir, and Islamic history, ensuring reliability and depth of analysis.


Ayesha Siddique
'Stories of the Prophets' is a richly illustrated book that brings stories to vibrant life. However, the text complexity varies across stories, which might challenge younger readers. Simplified summaries or annotations could make it more accessible for al
Yusuf Ahmed
This edition of 'Stories of the Prophets' is a treasure trove of spiritual wisdom, presented in a visually stunning format. The detailed illustrations and the clarity of storytelling not only enhance comprehension but also make the experience deeply immer
Amira Khan
'Stories of the Prophets' with its vibrant illustrations and engaging text, brings the tales of prophets to life. The book combines historical accuracy with moral lessons, making it a perfect educational tool for families. Its large, colourful presentatio
Laila Mahmoud
Darussalam’s 'Stories of the Prophets' is an inspiring collection that beautifully narrates the lives of Allah’s messengers. The coloured illustrations are a delightful addition. However, inclusion of more lesser-known prophets would provide a broader per
Hamza Rashid
The content and presentation in 'Stories of the Prophets' are exceptional, providing both educational and spiritual value. My only criticism is the book’s binding, which could be improved to ensure durability, given its likely frequent use in households a
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