Holy Makkah (Brief History, Geography & Hajj Guide)

Soft, 9782987465003, Darussalam, Safi ur Rahman Mubarakpuri, english, 17x24
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Book Overview

This Book also highlights the sites that are highly important whenever Makkah is mentioned like the Black Stone, Zamzam Well, and others. A great part of the book has been dedicated to in speaking about the Holy Ka’bah and the Holy Mosque updating the extensions and the improvements, that have taken place from the time of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) to the Saudi era. At the end of the book, there is a complete guide about Hajj and its rites.

In-depth Analysis of Makkah:

The book delves into various facets of Makkah, capturing significant historical events that directly influenced the establishment and sanctity of Makkah. It also sheds light on Makkah's religious significance.

Key Features of Makkah:

  • The Black Stone: A cornerstone of the Makkah that holds immense significance.
  • Zamzam Well: A miraculously generated source of water in Makkah.
  • Other significant sites that help define the identity of Makkah.

The Holy Ka'bah and the Holy Mosque:

This text dedicates a substantial section to the Holy Ka’bah and the Holy Mosque. It traces the changes, extensions, and upgrades that have occurred over time, especially during the Prophet Muhammad's era (peace be upon him) up to the present Saudi era.

Comprehensive Hajj Guide:

The book concludes with a thorough guide about Hajj and its rites. This guide is meant to assist those who intend to embark on this sacred pilgrimage.

About The Author

"Holy Makkah" by Shaikh Safiur Rahman Mubarakpuri offers a comprehensive examination of Makkah, ranging from its historical significance to the present-day rituals associated with the Islamic faith. It serves as a useful resource for anyone interested in understanding the heritage and religious practices linked with Makkah.


Omar Abdelhafez
Safi Ur Rahman Mubarakpuri's "Holy Makkah" is a sweeping yet intimate journey through one of the most important centres of Islam. It is a unique blend of historical insights and practical Hajj guide, making it indispensable for everyone undertaking this s
Tariq Al-Ghamdi
In "Holy Makkah", Safi Ur Rahman Mubarakpuri masterfully unravels the layers of Makkah's rich history, sanctity, and its evolution over time. The book’s comprehensive Hajj guide further cements its status as a treasured resource for anyone looking to deep
Khalid Al-Salem
Engrossingly informative and instructionally sound, "Holy Makkah" by Safi Ur Rahman Mubarakpuri, illuminates the profound significance of Makkah and provides a detailed guide to Hajj. This is a must-read, whether you’re a pilgrim-to-be or just an ardent h
Yasmine Khatib
"Holy Makkah", woven with historical narratives and detailed descriptions of the Hajj rituals, is a captivating exploration of Islam's most sacred city. It brilliantly encapsulates Makkah's rich traditions and immense religious significance.
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