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A beautiful 16" soft plush Muslim doll who talks when you press his hands and feet. Learning about Islam is so much fun with your new friend! Now with 2 Levels included – that’s 5 additional surahs!
Slide the switch to hear two levels of content!
16” soft plush doll that speaks and sings
Muslim doll recites surahs, says Islamic phrases, fun Islamic songs
Yousuf speaks with interactive hands, feet, and nose
Over four minutes of sound with beautiful voiceovers
Fun way for young children to learn about Islam
Ages 3+
Level 1 content:

Surah Al Fatiha (in Arabic with English translation)
Surah Al Ikhlas (in Arabic with English translation)
As-Salamu ‘Alaykum
Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem
Lailaha illallah Muhammadur-Rasulullah
Fi Amanillah
A’udhu billahi minash shaytanir-rajeem
Insha’Allah and Masha’Allah
Jazakallahu Khayrun
5 fun Islamic songs
And new, Level 2 content:

Surah Al Kawthar in Arabic with English translation
Surah Al Kafiroon in Arabic with English translation
Surah An Naas in Arabic with English translation
Surah Al Falaq in Arabic with English translation
Surah Al Asr in Arabic with English translation
A perfect present for children aged 3+


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