Yes. I Converted to Islam and Here is Why

Soft, 9782987459125, Darussalam, Muhammad Haneef Shahid, english, 64, 14x21
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Book Overview

Have you ever met someone who converted to Islam and wondered what made them choose this path?

If so, then Journeys to Islam is the book you've been waiting for.

This captivating collection delves into the lives of ordinary people who embarked on extraordinary journeys towards Islam. Through their narratives, you'll witness firsthand the challenges they faced, the moments of clarity that ignited their conversion, and the transformative impact Islam has had on their lives.

Through their stories, you'll discover:

  • Their unique paths to Islam
  • Why they chose Islam
  • How Islam has changed their lives

This book is for you if you:

  • Want to learn more about Islam
  • Need inspiration
  • Love reading powerful and real stories

Open the pages of this book and prepare to be touched, inspired, and enlightened by the remarkable stories of those who chose Islam as their path.


Abdullah Al Ahmad
Yes. I Converted to Islam and Here is Why" illustrates the beautiful commonality of diverse individuals drawn to Islam's embrace. Every story in this book offers an inspiring window into personal journeys of faith, making it a must-read for spiritual seek
Omar Al Hamidi
This book remarkably captures the intense encounters of people from diverse backgrounds as they discover an undeniable affinity with Islam. Muhammad Haneef Shahid's meticulous presentation in "Yes, I Converted to Islam and Here is Why" makes it a captivat
Huda Al Mahdi
The book "Yes, I Converted to Islam and Here is Why" provides a compelling collection of real-life stories of people who found the truth and peace in Islam. Each narrative is a testament to the power of faith and a remarkable narrative of personal transfo
Aisha Al Haddad
Yes. I Converted to Islam and Here is Why" exceptionally showcases numerous inspiring narratives of individuals from various walks of life finding their path to Islam. An influential compilation of faith, reason, and love for the truth that will surely re
Amna Al Harbi
Through the insightful book "Yes. I Converted to Islam and Here is Why", Muhammad Haneef Shahid brings forth a poignant collection of soul-stirring narratives of individuals' journey into the folds of Islam. An excellent testament to the compelling allure
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