What a Muslim Should Believe

Soft, 9789960740898, Darussalam Publishers, Muhammad Bin Jamil Zino, english, 64, 12x17
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Book Overview:

'What a Muslim Should Believe' by Shaikh Muhammad Bin Jamil Zeno is an enlightening resource designed to provide a clear understanding of the Islamic faith's core beliefs. This concise book, spanning just 64 pages, expertly breaks down complex theological concepts into digestible segments, facilitating a deeper grasp of the principles that underpin a Muslim’s creed. Written with young adults in mind, the book engages readers with a straightforward question-and-answer format, effectively addressing key topics of Islamic belief.

About the Author:

Shaikh Muhammad Bin Jamil Zeno was a Syrian Islamic scholar known for his accessible and esteemed works in simplifying Islamic teachings for a broad audience. His educational approach combined depth and simplicity, allowing readers from all backgrounds to cultivate an understanding of the intricate details of Islamic belief and practice. His legacy continues to educate and inspire, making foundational Islamic knowledge available to everyone.

Main Features:

  • A succinct exploration of Islamic beliefs, spanning core topics across 64 pages.
  • An engaging question-and-answer format that promotes clarity and understanding.
  • Authored by renowned scholar Shaikh Muhammad Bin Jamil Zeno, ensuring reliable content.
  • Tailored to young adult readers, yet suitable for anyone seeking foundational knowledge of Islam.
  • Portable and accessible, with soft cover binding and a size of 12x17, ideal for readers on the move.
  • Published by Darussalam, a trusted name in providing accurate and authentic Islamic literature.


Yusuf Al-Hakim
"What a Muslim Should Believe" by Shaikh Muhammad Bin Jamil Zeno stands as a gateway to understanding Islamic faith for young and adult learners alike, presenting the crucial elements of Islamic creed in an uncomplicated Q&A format.
Bilal Amjad
"What a Muslim Should Believe" provides an essential overview of Islamic theology. Its accessible approach fosters a deep and clear understanding of religious tenets, making it a beneficial read for young Muslims embarking on their spiritual journey.
Mariam Attar
Shaikh Muhammad Bin Jamil Zeno's slim volume manages to condense the vast ocean of Islamic creed into an easy-to-navigate guide that promises to inform, enlighten, and support Muslims in affirming their beliefs with confidence and knowledge.
Amina Mahmoud
This concise work by Shaikh Muhammad Bin Jamil Zeno demystifies the core principles of Islamic belief for novices and the youth, ensuring a solid foundation straightforwardly and engagingly.
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