To You o Jewels of the Society - English

Soft, 9789960861456, Darussalam, Darussalam Research Center, english, 24, 12x17
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To you, O Jewel of the Society is a heart-touching book compiled by Darussalam. It is about women in Islam and their importance. It sheds light on matters regarding their education and upbringing. The book gives a detail description of the believing, righteous Muslim woman and explains the importance of hijab. It is a must-read for all Muslim women and would consume very little of their time as it only contains 24 pages.


Hannah Yusuf
While primarily targeted at Muslim women, 'To You, O Jewels of the Society' provides valuable lessons applicable beyond a single demographic. It lends clarity to often misunderstood aspects of women's roles in Islam, though I believe its message could be
Ali Rahman
This book offers profound insights into the Islamic perspective on the honor and responsibilities of women. Written with deep respect and scholarship, 'To You, O Jewels of the Society' serves as both an inspiration and a guide for women to embrace their r
Jamal Akhtar
'To You, O Jewels of the Society' thoughtfully addresses the pivotal role of women from an Islamic perspective, offering both tribute and guide. Incorporating more narratives of inspirational Muslim women from history to the present day would add a dynami
Sumaiya Patel
'To You, O Jewels of the Society' is an empowering read that beautifully highlights the esteemed role of women in Islam. The author uses Quranic verses and Hadiths to emphasize respect, dignity, and the vital contributions of women. It’s an essential read
Aisha Mirza
The book articulates important messages about women's worth and rights in Islam, supported by religious texts. However, some sections felt repetitive, which might distract from the impactful core message. Streamlining content could enhance its powerful de
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