Therapy from the Quran and Ahadith

Hard, 9786035000994, Darussalam, Dr. Feryad A. Hussain, english, 324, 14x21
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About Therapy from The Quran and Ahadith:

Are you searching for a holistic approach to mental health and personal development that aligns with your Islamic beliefs? Look no further than "Therapy from the Quran and Ahadith", written by Dr. Feryad A. Hussain, an experienced clinical psychologist. This book offers a groundbreaking approach that integrates Islamic teachings with psychological insights to help you overcome life's obstacles and achieve greater well-being. 

In today's fast-paced world, many Muslims are seeking alternative approaches to mental health treatment that resonate with their faith and values. That's where "Therapy from the Quran and Ahadith" comes in. This book provides a comprehensive guide to mental health and personal development based on Islamic principles, offering practical strategies and techniques that are compatible with your beliefs.

But this book isn't just for Muslims. It's for anyone interested in exploring the rich wisdom of Islam and its application to modern life. Drawing on the timeless teachings of the Quran and the sayings of the Prophet Muhammad, this book sheds light on universal truths that can benefit people of all backgrounds.



About The Author

Dr. Feryad A. Hussain is a licensed clinical psychologist with extensive experience in counseling and therapy. He holds a Ph.D. in Psychology and has worked with clients from diverse backgrounds, including Muslim populations. His passion for Islamic psychology inspired him to write "Therapy from the Quran and Ahadith", a book that bridges the gap between Islamic teachings and modern psychology.

As a licensed clinical psychologist, Dr. Hussain brings a unique perspective to the field of Islamic psychology. His experience working with clients from diverse backgrounds has allowed him to identify the common challenges that people face and provide targeted solutions based on Islamic teachings.

By investing in "Therapy from the Quran and Ahadith", you'll gain a comprehensive guide to mental health and personal development that complements your Islamic beliefs. Whether you're a Muslim seeking a faith-based approach to therapy or simply someone curious about the wisdom of Islam, this book promises to inspire and uplift you on your journey. So why wait?

Order your copy today and start discovering the transformative power of Islamic teachings for yourself!


Farah Ali
The cover of the book refers to this as a reference guide…which is a good description. The information is presented in themes. Each theme is briefly introduced followed by the ayaat and a brief interpretation of it, inferences are then offered related to
For anyone interested in religious studies and has an open mind to the power and healing qualities of faith
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