The Story of Prophet Yunus

Hard, Goodword, english, 22x32
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All About The Book The Story of Prophet Yunus

Dive into an amazing tale of Prophet Yunus with this beautiful book made just for kids.

  • The book is filled with lovely pictures, making the wonderful story of Prophet Yunus easy and fun for kids to follow.
  • The book is the perfect size for small hands, helping kids learn to hold and read a book.
  • The story is written in simple words that kids can quickly understand, making it excellent for those still learning English.
  • It's super light, only 0.205 kg, so it's easy to take anywhere, like for storytime at bedtime or school.

About The Book's Author

"Saniyasnain Khan", the writer of this book, has skilfully put together the story of Prophet Yunus. His love for the subject and great writing skills make this book a must-have for your book collection at home.

Buy this book now to discover the exciting life of Prophet Yunus. Teach, motivate, and entertain your kids with a timeless story. They will love it!


This is a fantastic kids version of the story of Prophet Yunus a.s. the illustrations are absolutely beautiful and the story captivating. Each page has a character to find. My son really enjoyed this book and so did I! Highly recommend:)
Umayer Ahmed
Amazing book! Loved reading it! It is a good way to teach young kids about prophet stories.
This is one of the best children's book I have read with my son. He absolutely loves it. The illustrations are so vivid and colourful, the rhythm and rhym is fantastic. It's theatre on every page. Awesome storytelling of the highest calibre.
Aziz Khan Shakir
I enjoyed reading Yunus and the Whale and I like how the story was written in a poetic-styled theme. It makes the tale more interesting and enjoyable to read. The book contains lots of information and key points about what really happened at the time of t
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