The Story Of Prophet Hud (AS)

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Book Overview:

"The Story Of Prophet Hud (As) Board Book" is a thoughtfully designed publication by Saniyasnain Khan that aims to instill essential Quranic stories into the hearts of young children. The book brings the tale of Prophet Hud and the mighty civilization of Ad to life, delivering not just an engaging story but also valuable lessons. It uses simple text accompanied by vivid illustrations to create an immersive reading experience for little ones.

Author Bio:

Saniyasnain Khan is a celebrated author known for his dedication to children's Islamic education. His works often aim to simplify complex Islamic narratives, making them accessible and enjoyable for a younger audience. Khan’s writing is characterized by its engaging style that blends religious instruction with storytelling, providing an early foundation of faith and Islamic knowledge. 


Main Features:

  • The sturdy board book format is ideal for preschool children.
  • Engaging storytelling that conveys the lessons of Prophet Hud (As) in an age-appropriate manner.
  • Vivid and colorful illustrations that captivate the child's imagination and aid comprehension.
  • Provides a moral framework at the end, reflecting the teachings of perseverance and trust in Allah.
  • Perfect size and weight for small hands, making it easy for children to handle and read.
  • A durable book that withstands the wear and tear of eager young learners.


Layla Idris
This board book is a wonderful way to introduce young children to the stories of the prophets. "The Story of Prophet Hud (AS)" is not just visually inviting but also rich with moral substance. Saniyasnain Khan has once again proven his ability to tailor s
Bilal Hussain
Saniyasnain Khan's work in "The Story Of Prophet Hud (AS) Board Book" is commendable, offering toddlers an early introduction to the rich history of Prophets in Islam. The robust board book format is toddler-proof, and the narrative is told in a rhythmic
Amina Mahmoud
"The Story Of Prophet Hud (AS) Board Book" by Saniyasnain Khan is an admirable rendition of a timeless Quranic story, tailored for young children. The sturdy board book format and vivid illustrations immediately catch the eye, making the story of Prophet
Sarah Khan
The tale of Prophet Hud (AS) is beautifully presented in this board book, making Islamic teachings accessible and enjoyable for children. The author, Saniyasnain Khan, has succeeded in condensing the story without losing its essence, ensuring that the les
Yusuf Ali
"The Story Of Prophet Hud (AS) Board Book" creatively simplifies one of the Quran's profound stories for an audience at the cusp of their learning journey. The dazzling illustrations paired with the sturdy board book design ensure that it withstands the e
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