The Rule on Those Who Seek Help in Other Than Allah

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Book Overview:

'The Rule on those who Seek Help in Other than Allah' is a theological treatise that delves into the Islamic perspective on seeking help outside of Allah's assistance. Authored by the esteemed Islamic scholar Sheikh Abdul Aziz Abdullah Bin Baz, this work provides a scholarly examination of the subject, establishing evidential proofs from Islamic texts to guide Muslims in understanding this aspect of their faith. The book serves as a concise guide, spread over 64 pages, discussing the extent to which one may seek help from others without compromising Tawhid, the core of Islamic monotheism.

About the Author:

Sheikh Abdul Aziz Abdullah Bin Baz was a prominent Saudi Arabian Islamic scholar renowned for his expertise in Islamic jurisprudence, Tawhid, and Fiqh. His interpretations and rulings have been widely accepted in the Muslim world, and his works continue to influence Islamic scholarship. His writings are characterized by their strict adherence to Quranic text and Hadith, seeking to clarify and reinforce the understanding of Islamic monotheism and the foundational practices of a devout Muslim life.


Main Features:

  • Presents a clear theological stance on the act of seeking help beyond Allah, as per Islamic teachings.
  • Authored by a respected authority in Islamic jurisprudence, Sheikh Abdul Aziz Abdullah Bin Baz.
  • A succinct volume with dedicated pages for interpreting relevant religious texts.
  • Offers an accessible understanding of a potentially complex tenet of faith for English readers.
  • Softcover edition with the practical size of 14x21 for ease of handling and reading.
  • Weighs 0.200 kg, illustrating its brevity and focus as a specialized religious text.


Umar Farooq
Skilfully presented in layman's terms, "The Rule on those who Seek Help in other than Allah" serves as a critical guide in the pursuit of maintaining pure Islamic monotheism. Sheikh Bin Baz’s text is an essential read for Muslims who wish to safeguard the
Hasan Al-Basri
"The Rule on those who Seek Help in other than Allah" is a profound text by Sheikh Abdul Aziz Abdullah Bin Baz that delves into the Islamic monotheistic principle of seeking help solely from Allah. The book is instrumental for those seeking to deepen thei
Aisha Khattab
Sheikh Abdul Aziz Abdullah Bin Baz’s work provides valuable insight on the significant matter of seeking assistance beyond Allah. The book meticulously examines and establishes the proofs, leading the reader through a clear path guided by the principles o
Khadijah Mubarak
This book by Sheikh Bin Baz robustly clarifies one of the fundamental issues within Islamic doctrine—whom to seek help from. It's a key work for those who wish to explore the intricacies of their faith and ensure their practices align with a Tawheed-cente
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