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Paradise is the final abode of all pious and sincere believers. There were many companions of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) who had been given the glad tidings of paradise out of acknowledgement of their virtues and high status. This book carries the stories of such ten companions of the Prophet (PBUH) who had been given the good news of paradise in their lives. As one reads this book his heart will be moved to amazement and one will learn the way of paradise.


Zaynab Al-Farsi
"The Precious Pearls" unveils the inspirational lives of ten companions of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) who were assured paradise. Compiled by the Darussalam Research Center, this book is an edifying read, shedding light on the virtues that elevated these indi
Fatima Zahra
"The Precious Pearls" is a touchstone for Muslims worldwide, offering vivid portraits of the men promised paradise during the Prophet’s (PBUH) lifetime. The book provides not only a glimpse into their honored lives but also stands as a testament to their
Omar Ibn Said
In "The Precious Pearls," the Darussalam Research Center presents the narratives of ten blessed companions with the kind of earnest eloquence that touches the heart and stirs the soul. This collection of biographies serves as a spiritual compass, pointing
Abdullah Al-Mubarak
Through "The Precious Pearls," the reader travels back in time to the era of the companions who walked alongside the Prophet (PBUH). This account is not merely biographical; it serves as a source of guidance for those seeking the pleasure of Allah and a v
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