The Pillars of Islam and Iman

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These are the 11 pillars of Islam and Iman and none can be a Muslim without a firm belief in them. Belief in these is also crucial for the acceptance of any worship. Hence, it's important for knowledge and information on this subject to be compiled into one book for the Muslim Ummah.
Sheikh Muhammad bin Jamil Zeno رحمه الله compiled these pillars of Islam & Iman in a book named “أركان الإسلام والإيمان في ضوء الكتاب والسنة”
which was translated and published in English by Darussalam. The author is a great scholar, author and a teacher in the Dar-ul-Hadith Al-Khairiyah, Makkah Al-Mukarramah.

The distinctive feature of this book is its simplicity. To prove any point, the author, first of all, presents the verses of the Noble Quran then supports it with authentic Ahadith; and if he finds it necessary, cites a few instances from the early scholars and jurisprudents.


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