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Introduction to the Book:

The self-fulfillment definition is a path to self-fulfillment that seeks to elevate your inner soul,to know yourself,know your worth, and provide you with the necessary means of living a fulfilling life based on the love of Allah and love and acceptance of oneself. Happiness is essential for you to be able to love Allah. How can we show and see our love for Allah when we spend our lives in a state of depression?

This book reveals important aspects of self-fulfillment and happiness: acceptance,self-confidence,determination,self-awareness,self-improvement,and freedom from stress. In addition,it addresses issues that are important to healthy relationships,such as effective communication and forgiveness. As a result of applying this knowledge,the concept of happiness is explored,as well as detailed suggestions for learning to trust Allah,accept Allah's will in our lives,and share our blessings.


Here is a paragraph from her Book which helps you to know yourself and know your worth:


“Humility and gratitude are the next milestones along the path to forgiveness. Here,it becomes necessary to move the focus away from the person who harmed you,focusing on yourself and any harm you may have inflicted upon others. No one is perfect. At some point whether inadvertently or not,most of us have caused another person some type of hurt. Given that we are not flawless,how can we expect the transgressor to be flawless? You've needed forgiveness at some point; know yourself, remembering these times in your life can help you to develop compassion for the one who caused you pain. Certainly,the Quran teaches humility:" 


What is the Message for the Youth:


This book gives simple but effective ways to change in life so that you know yourself. Many practical tips and steps can be taken immediately to improve the quality of life. It is complete and covers the spiritual,physical,mental,and emotional areas when it comes to healing and progression. It will help a man know thyself more about his personality and his relationship with Allah ﷻ.


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