The Noble Quran With Transliteration in Roman Script - Premium Paper - Eng. 17x24

Soft, 9789960740799, Darussalam, Dr. Mohammad Muhsin Khan, english, 17x24
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To read the Arabic text of the Qur'anic Verses in their correct form is of prime importance to every Muslim, as the meanings of the Arabic words are changed with little changes of the diacritics.


Ali Hassan
‘The Noble Quran With Transliteration in Roman Script’ is a groundbreaking resource for Muslims who do not speak Arabic but wish to recite the Quran in its original language. The transliteration is precise, making the pronunciation as close to the origina
Sara Abdullah
This edition of the Quran makes the daunting task of Quranic recitation accessible and less intimidating for English speakers. The transliteration is a massive help, and the translation alongside helps understand the meaning simultaneously. It’s empowerin
Laila Qureshi
The idea behind this Quran is fantastic, especially for new reverts like myself. While it's been a great help, mastering the pronunciation requires patience and practice, as not all sounds are easily translated into Roman script. More guidance on the nuan
Farid Malik
‘The Noble Quran With Transliteration in Roman Script’ is an invaluable tool for those of us learning to recite the Quran. The roman script is a game-changer. However, some of the transliterations can be a bit difficult to follow for absolute beginners. I
Yusuf Iqbal
‘The Noble Quran With Transliteration in Roman Script’ fills a crucial gap for English-speaking Muslims. It allows us to recite the Quran with confidence. The quality of the printing and binding is commendable, making it durable for daily use. A compact v
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