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The Noble Life of The Prophet PBUH (3 Volume Set)

Hard, 9789960967875, Darussalam Publishers, Dr.Ali Muhammad sallabi, english, 1994, 14x21
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Book Overview:  

Written by Dr. Ali Muhammad Sallabi, "Noble Life of Prophet PBUH" is an extensive three-volume series that offers an in-depth view into the Prophet Muhammad's (PBUH) life and legacy. With a total of 1994 pages, this scholarly work is meticulously researched, presenting the events of the Prophet's life from before his birth to his death. The series does more than just narrate incidents; it extracts lessons, and Islamic rulings, and displays the wisdom of the Prophet's actions, making it a source of guidance and reflection for readers.

Author Bio:  

Dr. Ali Muhammad Sallabi is a renowned Islamic scholar and prolific writer specializing in the Seerah, the biography of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). His works are characterized by their thorough research and accessible narrative, which bring historical events to life with clarity and depth. Dr. Sallabi's contributions to Islamic literature provide Muslims around the world with a deeper understanding of their Prophet's life, encouraging them to follow his exemplary conduct.


Main Features:  

  • A comprehensive chronology of events, profiling significant milestones in the Prophet’s life.
  • Analysis of the morals and lessons to be learned from each event in the Prophet’s life.
  • Includes Islamic jurisprudence derived from the Prophet's actions and sayings.
  • Hardbound volumes are sized at 14x21 cm for comfortable handling and reading.
  • Aimed at an audience between 7-10 years old, but rich in detail for all ages.


Laila Boutros
Volumes are rich with information and loaded with historical content. However, the academic writing style could be more engaging to reach a broader audience, including youth. It’s a solid work but would benefit from additional maps, illustrations, and sum
Fatimah Khurram
'Noble Life of the Prophet (PBUH)' is a meticulously researched biography that's written with great respect and love. The three volumes offer a detailed account of every aspect of the Prophet's life, making it an enlightening read for students of Islamic
John Abdullah
Converting to Islam, I was in search of a comprehensive guide to Muhammad’s (PBUH) life. These volumes enlightened me, providing clear and powerful insights into his teachings and experiences. This set is a valuable part of my Islamic library.
Ahmad Siddiq
Narrated with passion and depth, this set captures the essence of the Prophet’s journey. While the content is exceptional, the absence of an indexed glossary makes cross-referencing a bit challenging, which would be a helpful addition for scholarly work.
Zaid Ameen
This three-volume set on the Noble Life of the Prophet (PBUH) is a masterpiece. It artfully and accurately depicts the biography of the Prophet with thorough detail and reverence. It's become my go-to resource for both spiritual enrichment and historical
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