The Insight

Soft, 9789960717586, Darussalam, english, 24, 12x17
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Book Overview:

"The Insight" is a thought-provoking booklet that revisits a pivotal moment from the Quran involving the revelation of certain verses from Surah Abasa, offering spiritual reflection and guidance. Authored by Sami Ayoub and Mrs. Vivian Taylor Ayoub, the narrative is retold to emphasize the importance of seeking Allah's pleasure over worldly gains and the transient nature of life's luxuries. Consisting of 24 pages, this concise book targets young adults, drawing lessons from the Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) interactions that resonate with contemporary issues of materialism and spirituality.

Author Bio:

Sami Ayoub and Mrs. Vivian Taylor Ayoub are co-authors responsible for penning "The Insight." Their collaborative writing reflects an understanding and appreciation for Islamic history and its pertinence to modern life. Committed to presenting religious teachings in an accessible manner, their work engages readers in meaningful reflection, with the hopes of inspiring a life dedicated to spiritual fulfillment and ethical integrity.


Main Features:

  • A concise and engaging account of important Islamic teaching.
  • Easy-to-follow narrative format suitable for young adult readers.
  • The softcover edition provides a lightweight and portable reading experience.
  • Pocket-sized dimensions, 12x17 cm, ideal for on-the-go reflection.
  • ISBN 9789960717586 published by Darussalam, ensuring quality content and presentation.


John Walker
As a non-Muslim reader, 'The Insight' provided me with a thoughtful perspective on Islamic philosophy. The complex subjects are presented in an engaging and accessible manner, though I would appreciate a glossary for Arabic terms.
Yusuf Abdul-Rahman
This book offers a deep dive into the principles and practices of Islam, providing 'insight' that fosters a deeper connection with one's spirituality. However, a companion study guide would make this even more effective for group study sessions.
Ahmed Ali
I found 'The Insight' to be a brilliant book that shed light on lesser-known aspects of Islamic wisdom. The author's approach of blending classical knowledge with modern application is both refreshing and enlightening.
Mariam Saleh
'The Insight' is a treasury of Islamic teachings that has broadened my understanding of my faith. Each chapter is filled with valuable lessons that resonate with my daily life. It's a book I shall be returning to often.
Sara Al-Hassan
While 'The Insight' is certainly packed with profound teachings, I found some sections to be quite dense. A more narrative-style approach could make this book even more appealing to a wider audience.
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