The Inimitable & Physical Sciences

Soft, 9786035004022, Darussalam, Syed Iqbal Zaheer, english, 17x24
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Brief Introduction to the Book:

This book describes mythology, science before Islam, the spherical shape of the Earth, Earth’s movement, mountains, heavy elements in the earth. It also describes the decrease in the land barrier, between the seas, the moon, the sun, the number of plants, The Big Bang Theory, the shape of the universe, relativity of time, and Einstein's conflict with the Quran, and so on.

Physical Sciences, Quran, and skepticism:

In this book, the readers will be confronted with the test of what makes humans distinct from animals. They will be asked by the Qur'an to reflect honestly. It will be making specific statements of a scientific nature, made in unambiguous terms requiring neither interpretation nor involved explanations. 

Could a man, any man, who appeared 1450 years ago, have authored it? Could any man - for that matter - have made these statements 200 years ago? A reader might ask himself. How do we explain that Muslim scientists who appeared several hundred years after the Quranic revelation - and who gave sciences a huge boost-made quite a few scientific errors, but the Qur'an is free of them?



Benefits of Reading This Book:

In history, science has changed but the Quranic Verses are still as the 1450 years before which shows the Quran as an authentic Book.The Quran is revealed by Allah which is not written by a human.This should be a disturbing question for those who believe that there is no difference between humans and animals.

The Qur'an expects its readers to be as cautious when dealing with its message as they would with science. It disapproves of mindlessness and blind following of others.

About The Author:

Syed Iqbal Zaheer is a distinguished Islamic scholar and author, known for his profound integration of science and spirituality in his works. His extensive knowledge bridges the gap between physical sciences and Islamic teachings, offering a fresh, nuanced perspective to readers worldwide.



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