The gift of the Ramadan - Soft Cover - 21x29 - English

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Ramadan is a very important month for Muslims. It is a month that gives Muslims the chance to gain lots and lots of reward from Allah. It is an opportunity to better our condictions, to become stronger Muslims and to get closer to Allah.


Fatima Zahid
"The Gift of Ramadan" by Shazia Nazlee wonderfully encapsulates the essence of Ramadan, offering young readers engaging insight into this auspicious month. Through this book, children learn about the virtues of fasting, the importance of prayer, charity,
Bilal Hussain
Through "The Gift of Ramadan," children are introduced to the beauty and significance of one of Islam’s most sacred times. Shazia Nazlee's book is a valuable resource for families seeking to instill the love and respect for Ramadan while explaining its pr
Amina Karim
"The Gift of Ramadan" by Shazia Nazlee is a vibrant journey into the heart of Islamic tradition for children. With its vivid illustrations and gentle narrative, the book invites young Muslims to embrace and celebrate the spiritual growth and communal bles
Omar Farooq
Shazia Nazlee's work, "The Gift of Ramadan," serves as a charming guide for children to discover the blessings and opportunities that the holy month presents. The author's clear and simple language paves the way for understanding, appreciating, and taking
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