The Gift of My Mother

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Book Overview:

"The Gift of My Mother" by Shazia Nazlee is a touching and educational narrative crafted for children, illustrating the significance and virtues of mothers in Islam. This book underscores the high status of mothers and the importance of their good treatment as taught by the religion of Islam. Rich in colorful illustrations, the book engages young minds and conveys respect and love for mothers in a way that is both enjoyable and meaningful. An ideal read for young children, this book nurtures Islamic values through beautiful storytelling and vivid imagery.

Author Bio:

Shazia Nazlee is an established author known for her children’s books which connect young readers to Islamic teachings through engaging stories and relatable characters. Her works are designed not only to inform but also to instill essential Islamic values and manners in a tender and nurturing manner. Through her writing, Shazia successfully reaches out to the youth with messages that create a positive and lasting influence on their personal development and understanding of Islam.


Main Features:

  • Captivating illustrations that resonate with young readers and hold their interest.
  • An Islamic perspective on the honor and reverence accorded to mothers.
  • Engaging storyline that emphasizes kindness, gratitude, and obedience to one’s mother.
  • Includes educational activities at the end to reinforce the book's messages and enhance interactive learning.
  • Provides 'The Best Answer' and 'Word Search' activities for a fun learning experience.
  • The hardcover format makes the book both durable for repeated handling by children and a keepsake for the family library.


Ayesha Baloch
Shazia Nazlee's "The Gift of My Mother" is a delightful read for children that explores the significant role mothers play in Islam. The book blends captivating illustrations with a compelling narrative to demonstrate the value of mothers. Its activity sec
Bilal Malik
This thoughtfully written book by Shazia Nazlee eloquently instills a sense of gratitude and love for mothers as seen through the enchanting world of illustrations. "The Gift of My Mother" is a beautiful way to begin teaching children about the esteemed p
Huda Tariq
"The Gift of My Mother" by Shazia Nazlee is a heartwarming book for children that gently introduces the respect and importance Islam places on mothers. Engaging, vibrant illustrations complement a message that is lovingly crafted to impact young hearts an
Sara Khan
Shazia Nazlee's book, "The Gift of My Mother," presents an affectionate portrait of motherhood and its sacred stature within Islamic teaching. Rich in color and sentiment, it is an enjoyable read that kindles the spirit of appreciation for mothers among
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