The First Human Murder - English - Soft Cover- 14x21

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The crime of murder is discussed in this interesting story to show the children how hateful and great sin it is, and what severe punishment is prescribed for it. The root cause of this crime is pointed out and ways are suggested to avoid it. This story contains a good lesson for the proper build-up of their minds and character.


Zahra Hussain
The story, "The First Human Murder," is a critical narrative that educates children on the serious consequences of such a heinous act. It does so by offering historical context and pairing it with the moral fabric of Islam, thus providing a comprehensive
Samiullah Khan
Darussalam's "The First Human Murder" strategically addresses young minds with an account that highlights the sinful nature of violence. It is an essential read in today's times, teaching children about the sanctity of human life and the repercussions of
Amina Malik
This profound story, "The First Human Murder," delves into the roots of violence and its denouncement in Islam. The book is an effective educational resource, engaging with its readers on a journey through history to understand the consequences of murdero
Faris Uddin
"The First Human Murder" presented by Darussalam Publishers is not just a story but a stark lesson rooted in Islamic teachings. It unravels the gravity of the crime of murder and its implications through the Islamic perspective, providing a moral foundati
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