Ar-Rahiqul-Makhtum - Arabic - Hard

Ar-Rahiqul-Makhtum - Arabic - Hard

Golden rays of Prophethood

Golden Rays of Prophet Hood - Darussalam UK

The Disciple az zubair bin al Awwam - English

Discover the young hero of Islam: Az-Zubair bin Al-`Awwam (RadhiaAllahu`anhu).
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One of the earliest converts to Islam and supporters of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was his cousin Az-Zubair bin Al-`Awwam (RadhiaAllahu`anhu) He accepted Islam when he was only fifteen years old,in spite of the small number of Muslims at that time. He grew up to be a great hero and warrior for the cause of the Muslims. He was considered one of the senior Companions of the Prophet (PBUH).

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Language English
Age Groups Young Adults
ISBN 9789960861104
Pages 48
Author(s) Abdul Basit Ahmad
Publisher Darussalam
Book Size 14x21
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