Az-Zubair Bin Al-Awwam - The Disciple

Soft, 9789960861104, Darussalam, Abdul Basit Ahmad, english, 48, 14x21
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Book Overview:  

"The Disciple Az-Zubair Bin al Awwam" is a compelling narration of one of the most esteemed companions of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)—Az-Zubair bin Al-Awwam (RA). Written by Abdul Basit Ahmad, this book documents the life of a young hero who embraced Islam at the tender age of fifteen. Across its 48 pages, readers are taken on a journey through Az-Zubair's (RA) steadfast commitment to Islam, his bravery in battle, and his role as one of the Prophet's (PBUH) closest companions. His story is one of unwavering faith and courage, exemplifying the virtues of an ideal Muslim disciple in the earliest era of Islam.

Author Bio:  

Abdul Basit Ahmad is known for his detailed biographies of prominent Islamic figures. His work is characterized by diligent research and a fluid narrative style, enabling readers to connect with historical figures in a meaningful way. By focusing on the lives of the companions of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Ahmad provides insights into the foundations of Islamic history and the exemplary models of Islamic faith and practice. His titles are particularly appreciated for inspiring young readers with stories of heroism and piety from Islam's formative period.


Main Features:  

  • Chronicles the early life of Az-Zubair (RA), his conversion to Islam, and his development as a notable disciple.
  • Detailed accounts of his valor in battles and significant contributions to the Muslim community.
  • Presented in straightforward English, accessible for young adults and those new to Islamic history.
  • The softcover design makes it a lightweight, portable read.
  • Authored by Abdul Basit Ahmad, ensuring a narrative enriched with historical depth and engaging storytelling.


Hamza Yusuf
"The Disciple Az-Zubair Bin al Awwam" is an inspiring account, eloquently penned by Abdul Basit Ahmad, of one of Islam's most esteemed warriors and a cousin of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). The book narrates his unwavering commitment to Islam from a tender age
Sarah Al-Farsi
In "The Disciple Az-Zubair Bin al Awwam," young adults are given the opportunity to explore the life of a formidable figure, whose early embrace of Islam was a catalyst for his historic contributions. The book successfully brings his legacy to life, illum
Maryam Siddiqui
Profiling Az-Zubair bin Al-`Awwam, a paragon of bravery and faith, this book by Abdul Basit Ahmad fosters admiration and respect for the courage of the early Sahaba. Its focus on the life of this young Muslim hero presents a compelling narrative that is s
Zaid ibn Thabit
Abdul Basit Ahmad crafts a vivid portrayal of Az-Zubair bin Al-`Awwam's life, encompassing his journey from a youthful supporter of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) to a lionhearted warrior. This moving biography serves as a testament to the character and dedicati
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