The book of Ibns (The Amazing Sons of Islam)

Hard, 9789960996905, Darussalam Publishers, Luqman Nagy, english, 80, 14x21
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Book Overview

The Book of Ibns (The Amazing Sons of Islam)" penned by Luqman Nagy is more than just a book; it's a timeless voyage into the Islamic era of unprecedented advancements and resonating narratives. Crafted in engaging prose, the book extrapolates the saga of significant figures from Islam, enveloping readers in a world of inspiration, endurance, and faith. 

About the Author:

Luqman Nagy is a skilled writer with a knack for making history come alive. His books give readers a better understanding of Islamic history. His love for stories of the past shines through in "The Book of Ibns."

Whether you are a history lover or a curious reader, "The Book of Ibns" gives you not just a book, but an adventure through time.

Key Features:

  • Voyage through the inspiring lives of influential Islamic figures
  • Understand the depth of human endurance and faith in challenging times
  • Reflect and learn from the unparalleled wisdom of Islamic pioneers
  • Witness the legacy and impact left behind by Islamic civilization
  • This enriching chronicle serves as a beacon of enlightenment for those keen to explore the riveting unwritten chapters of Islamic history.

It's more than just a book; it's your passport to an era of knowledge and wisdom that reverberates through time. Take a step into the past and buy your copy today!


Sameera Yasin
"The Book of Ibns" excels in narrating the fascinating tales of Islamic heroes. Nagy's story-telling brilliance shines through as he intertwines facts, faith, and human endurance. It’s a profound resource for individuals seeking an enlightening exploratio
Hammad Al-Amri
"The Book of Ibns" offers more than just a read; it’s an adventure through time. Luqman Nagy expertly guides readers through the lives of Islamic pioneers, shedding light on their enduring legacies. This eloquently written book is a must for readers fasci
Nawal Habib
"The Book of Ibns" by Luqman Nagy is not just a book, it’s a journey through history, brimming with inspiration and timeless wisdom. It beautifully brings to life the inspiring narratives of influential Islamic figures, enlightening the reader about their
Fatimah Hasan
Nagy’s "The Book of Ibns" is an enriching chronicle that teems with the riveting tales of inspiring Islamic figures. Its insightful narratives and the valuable wisdom it imparts make it a fascinating journey through an era that continues to resonate in ou
Mohammed Mahmoud
Luqman Nagy’s "The Book of Ibns" is a riveting trip into the heart of Islamic history. Each page ignites a connection with the past and its key figures, marking the deep human endurance and faith underlying the Islamic civilization. A true treasure-trove
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