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Study The Noble Quran Word For Word (Volume 3 - Colored)

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Noble Quran Word for Word: A Unique Interpretative Journey

From the renowned Darussalam Store comes the "Noble Quran Word for Word," an invaluable resource for those seeking an in-depth understanding of the Quran. This unique product provides a full color-coded, word-for-word English translation of the Holy Quran in three comprehensive volumes.

Color-Coded Translation

What sets the Noble Quran Word for Word apart is its unique color-coded system. Every Arabic word in the Quran is color-coded and matched with its corresponding English translation in the same color.

This intuitive system fosters active learning, assisting in the understanding of each word while promoting comprehension of the verse's overall meaning.

Highly Esteemed Translation

This exemplary work is the result of a remarkable collaboration between esteemed scholars, Dr. Muhammad Taqi-ud-Din Al-Hilali and Dr. Muhammad Muhsin Khan. Their extensive knowledge and expertise ensure an accurate, nuanced translation that respects the profound meanings inherent in the sacred text.


The Value of Idiomatic Understanding

Recognizing that a word-for-word translation does not necessarily lead to complete understanding, the Noble Quran Word for Word also includes idiomatic translations on the same page. This dual approach provides a wider perspective, helping to facilitate a thorough comprehension of the Holy Quran's verses.

Conveniently Segmented into Three Volumes

The Noble Quran Word for Word comprises three distinct volumes, each representing a section of the Quran. This segmentation enables easy, manageable exploration of the Quranic teachings. Those interested in concentrating on specific portions can also procure individual volumes.

Dar-us-Salam's Pledge to Quality

Compiled by Dar-us-Salam, the Noble Quran Word for Word encapsulates our dedication to delivering comprehensive, factual, and high-quality Islamic content. Our commitment is to provide resources that inspire and enlighten, fostering a closer connection to the spiritual wisdom of the Quran.


CODIAKITE (amazon)
Excellent quality and it arrived earlier than I expected. The content is clear easy to read so I highly recommend this series for non speaking Arabic individuals who want to improve their Arabic.
Just what I was looking for. A word to word breakdown on the entire Quran. Each page is nicely organized by the full Arabic ayat, English translation, and then word to word breakdown. It’s even color coordinated to breakdown verbs, nouns, pronouns, compou
Fatima (Amazon)
You don’t realize but after a month or two you are already good in your vocabulary of Quranic Arabic. Combine this with online apps like Kalaam and use this for taking notes.
Mashallah, high quality publication, with excellent binding and print. It has both the running Arabic scriot followed by English translation, then thirdly the word-for-word translation into English. Well worth the purchase
Hamza (amazon)
Very easy to understand word to word translation. May Allah bless you for providing such an easy to understand interpretation of word to word Quran the book of Allah. JazakAllah khair.
Youns (Amazon)
These Quran volumes are a visual joy to read.You get a passage of a Surah in continuous Arabic (like is a regular Mushaf) followed by English translation AND then word to word breakdown. This is great because you have the option to read continuous read f
Michael (Amazon)
This is a fantastic resource for anyone trying to understand Quran at a deeper level, but you don't know Arabic. It could also be used to learn Arabic a bit too.
it's beautiful..look's colourful and easy to ready, explains word by word with colour coded. Its heavy and cover of the book is hard...that's a good thing. Delivery took time and expensive delivery. But I love this.
Hennabylamia (Amazon)
Alhamdulillah, excellent! So worth every penny, InshaAllah will help you gain a deeper meaning of each word, making it easy to get a deeper understanding of each ayat! Love these books!
Shafi (amazon)
I bought this as gift for my cousin as well and he loves it. Its worth to have hard copy books instead of the smart apps.
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