Stories of Prophet for Children (Pack of 15)

Hard, Darussalam Publishers, Default
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Book Overview:

‘Stories of Prophet for Children’ is a beautifully narrated 15-book series by Moazzam Zaman, offering rhyming stories filled with wisdom and lessons from the lives of various Prophets. These bite-sized booklets are perfect for children under 10 and are designed to captivate young readers with vibrant illustrations and engaging stories that resonate with their innate sense of wonder. Each book presents its narrative in a way that is both educational and entertaining, making the profound tales of the Prophets accessible and intriguing for young minds.

Author Bio:

Moazzam Zaman is an author known for his dedication to children’s Islamic literature. His passion for conveying the timeless stories of the Prophets to a new generation is evident in his thoughtful approach to storytelling. Zaman’s writing engages young readers by bringing these historical figures to life, presenting their tales in a relatable and memorable way. Through his works, he aims to plant the seeds of faith, patience, and virtue, fostering a love for Islamic history and principles among children from an early age.


Main Features:

  • Collection of 15 colorful booklets, each detailing the story of a different Prophet.
  • Rhymes and rhythmic storytelling for easy reading and memorization.
  • Richly illustrated pages that complement the narrative and engage the visual senses.
  • Designed to introduce children to core Islamic values and teachings through engrossing narratives.
  • Provides a simple and approachable language tailored to a young audience’s understanding.
  • Encourages children to draw inspiration and life lessons from the Prophets’ virtues and dedication.


Ali Halabi
This vibrant 15-book set by Moazzam Zaman masterfully encapsulates the enduring stories of the Prophets with enthralling rhymes and illustrations, providing a captivating foundation for children to learn about the towering figures of Islam. It's a perfect
Yusuf Siddique
"Stories of Prophet for Children" by Moazzam Zaman is a treasury for those seeking to educate their children with the stories of the Prophets in a simple, rhythmic, and illustrative manner. Each of the 15 books presents a Prophet's life, providing timeles
Safiyya Binte Adam
The "Stories of Prophet for Children" series, authored by Moazzam Zaman, is an engaging and colorful anthology that brings to life the narratives of the Prophets. Tailored for young readers, these 15 books weave rhyming tales that open a portal to the wis
Amina Qureshi
Moazzam Zaman's series "Stories of Prophet for Children" is a commendable effort to introduce the younger generation to the Messengers of Allah through captivating rhyming stories. Each booklet is not only visually appealing but also filled with the essen
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