Selected supplications for the Day and Night

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"Selected Supplications for Day & Night", a divine guidebook brought to you by the revered Darussalam Research Center, is a masterful compilation of authentic Islamic supplications. Intended to act as a beacon of spirituality in the life of every believer, the book contains a wealth of supplications to be recited during various life situations, day and night. The daily recitation of these prayers brings believers closer to Allah, offering comfort, guidance, and a renewed sense of faith.

The Penmanship of Darussalam Research Center
Under the skillful guidance of the Darussalam Research Center, the compilation of "Selected Supplications for Day & Night" stands out as a testament to the center's unwavering commitment to authenticity and accuracy in Islamic literature. 

The Center has dedicated years of diligent research to bring together these precious prayers, providing the believer with a comprehensive guide that meets their spiritual needs throughout the day.

Detailed Overview of the Book
This prayer book is designed to be your companion in your spiritual journey, helping you navigate life's many paths with the grace and wisdom imparted through these supplications. 

You will find prayers to recite when you rise with the morning sun, prayers for when you are going about your day, prayers for when the twilight descends, and prayers for the stillness of the night. The compilation encompasses supplications for moments of joy and sorrow, hope and despair, and comfort and distress.

The book provides an avenue to foster a deeper connection with Allah, guiding believers in their quest for tranquility and spiritual fulfillment. By incorporating these supplications into your daily routine, you will find yourself wrapped in divine blessings and growing closer to Allah.

Unique Features of the Book
"Selected Supplications for Day & Night" stands out for several noteworthy features:

  • Authenticity: Every supplication has been sourced from authentic texts, ensuring the purity of your prayers.
  • Comprehensiveness: With supplications covering a wide array of life situations, the book is a complete spiritual guide for every Muslim.
  • Ease of use: The book is designed for easy navigation, helping you find the right supplication for your specific needs.
  • Universal Appeal: Regardless of your stage in the spiritual journey, the book serves as a valuable resource.

Genre and Category
Belonging to the genre of Islamic spirituality, "Selected Supplications for Day & Night" is an instrumental resource in nurturing one's faith and religious practice. It is aimed at guiding Muslims in their day-to-day lives, aligning their thoughts and actions with Allah's teachings.

Recommended Books for Further Reading
If you appreciate the value and guidance offered by "Selected Supplications for Day & Night", we recommend exploring:

  • "Fortress of the Muslim": An exhaustive collection of Quranic and Hadith supplications.
  • "A Day with the Prophet": Experience a day in the life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), with a special focus on his daily supplications.
  • "Golden Words": A trove of wisdom and inspiring sayings from the Islamic tradition.

In conclusion, "Selected Supplications for Day & Night" is more than a book - it's an indispensable resource for every Muslim seeking to nurture their faith and spirituality. Visit the Darussalam store today and embark on a journey toward spiritual enlightenment.


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