Seerat Un Nabvi (PBUH) - 3 Volume Set - Urdu

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Book Overview:

"Seerat Un Nabvi (PBUH) - 3 Volume Set" offers a unique and meticulous exploration of the life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). This comprehensive trilogy is not just a chronological account but a profound reflection on the purposeful and transformative episodes of the Prophet’s life. It eloquently presents the significant events from before his birth, throughout his blessed life, and until his last moments, weaving wisdom, morals, and Islamic rulings into the narrative, encouraging readers to apply these divine insights in their personal lives.

Author Bio:

Dr. Ali Muhammad Sallabi is a prolific writer and renowned Islamic scholar, admired for his extensive research and scholarly works in the field of Islamic history and biography. An authority on the Seerah, his writings are characterized by precise historical narratives enriched by keen insights into the spiritual and ethical dimensions of the events he describes. His scholarly approach involves deep analysis and drawing lessons from the life of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), which resonate with readers seeking to embody Islamic principles in their lives. His dedication to thorough research and accessible writing style make him a trusted voice in the Islamic literary community.


Main Features:

  • Three-volume set providing exhaustive coverage of the Prophet Muhammad's (PBUH) life in Urdu.
  • Authored by the esteemed Dr. Ali Muhammad Sallabi, ensuring academic reliability and spiritual profundity.
  • Weighs 2.9 kg, reflecting the substantial content that promises a thorough understanding of the Seerah.
  • Presented in a durable hardcover format, ideal for continuous reference and reading.
  • Each incident is accompanied by an analysis of its moral, lesson, or Islamic legal ruling, transforming historical events into living lessons.
  • Published by Darussalam, known for its quality in Islamic publishing.


An indelible treasure for any Urdu-reader seeking a profound connection with the Prophet's life and teachings. Dr. Sallabi has meticulously captured the essence of the Prophet's journey from birth to death while extracting valuable morals and Islamic ruli
The depth and clarity of this work have left me moved and educated. These volumes serve as more than books
The narration of the Prophet's life is not just a story told; it is a series of events paired with rich context, making the Seerah come alive. As a reader, I felt engaged and enlightened, gaining both knowledge and wisdom that can be applied in daily life
Bilal Hussain
These volumes offer a reservoir of wisdom, history, and guidance. I was particularly impressed by the author's ability to distill complex events into meaningful lessons. The books are robust not only in their scholarly content but also in their physical f
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