Seerat e Nabwi (PBUH) - 2 Volume Set

Hard, 9786035000567, Darussalam, urdu, 1616, 14x21
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Book Overview:

"Seerat e Nabwi PBUH 2 Volume Set" is a comprehensive and beautifully written work on the life of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, composed to kindle the hearts of believers with an intensified love and reverence for the last Prophet. With 1616 pages of rich narrative, this collection delves into the profound history, character, teachings, and legacy of the Prophet ﷺ, offering a transformative reading experience that encourages the practical embodiment of his Sunnah in daily life.

Darussalam Publishers is a revered and respected name in the Islamic publishing world, committed to disseminating authentic and high-quality Islamic literature. Founded on the principles of religious enrichment and spiritual awakening, Darussalam has established itself as a leading publisher since its inception, recognized for its meticulous research, scholarly authenticity, and unwavering dedication to the preservation of Islamic teachings.


Main Features:

  • Detailed 2-volume set offering in-depth insight into the life and times of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ.
  • Penned in the accessible Urdu language, this set caters to a vast readership seeking a heartfelt connection with the Seerah.
  • Authored by renowned Islamic scholars, it provides authentic content, validated by meticulous research.
  • Encompassing 1616 pages, these books provide a comprehensive look at the Prophetic journey.
  • Published by Darussalam, it guarantees high-quality printing and a durable hardcover to endure through extensive study and reflection.
  • Ideal for adults seeking both spiritual enlightenment and historical knowledge of Islam's beloved Prophet ﷺ.


The sheer volume of information packaged in these books is commendable. As an Urdu-speaking Muslim, it's a valued treasure that connects me to the Prophet's life in a language that touches the heart, underlined by authentic scholarship.
Darussalam has outdone itself with this publication. The hardcover set preserves dignity and respect for the subject matter, while the content within lights up the path for devout followers seeking closeness to the Sunnah of the Prophet ﷺ.
A true masterpiece in Islamic literature, these volumes bridge the gap between historical documentation and spiritual guidance. Authored in Urdu, they are an essential read for those who wish to comprehend the depth of the Prophet's teachings and emulate
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