Scientific Wonders on The Earth and in Space

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Book Overview:

'Scientific Wonders on Earth and in Space' by Yusuf Al-Hajj Ahmad offers readers a unique opportunity to witness the harmony between Islamic revelation and scientific discoveries. This book presents the argument that while every prophet's miracle was specific to his time, the Qur'an remains an eternal, living miracle accessible to all. It explores various scientific phenomena described in the Qur'an and demonstrates how these revelations stand true to contemporary scientific findings, emphasizing the divine origin of the Islamic holy book.

About the Author:

Yusuf Al-Hajj Ahmad is known for his works that focus on illustrating the compatibility of Islamic teachings with modern science. Through his writing, Ahmad seeks to inspire a deeper appreciation for the Qur'an's wisdom and the message it holds for humankind. His approach combines meticulous research with an accessible narrative to bridge the gap between historical textual analysis and current scientific understanding.


Main Features:

  • Presents the Qur'an as a miraculous sign that aligns with modern scientific discoveries.
  • Targets a wide readership interested in understanding the convergence of science and religion.
  • Encourages readers to explore the scientific signs described in the Qur'an that have been affirmed by recent discoveries.
  • Softcover edition with a weight of 1.000 kg, comprising a wealth of scientific and theological insights.
  • Published by Darussalam, known for its dedication to high-quality Islamic publications.


Amina Al-Fahad
"Scientific Wonders on Earth and in Space" offers an engaging narrative that urges readers to contemplate the signs of Allah's creation as reflected on Earth and throughout the cosmos. The book is a compelling perspective that invites believers and seeker
Khadija Rahman
This illuminating work draws a harmonious parallel between Quranic revelations and scientific discoveries, providing a testament to the timeless miracle of the Quran. "Scientific Wonders on Earth and in Space" serves as an enlightening read, making the ca
Yusuf Al-Noor
This insightful exploration demonstrates the enduring relevance of the Quran's miracles in the context of contemporary scientific understanding. The book "Scientific Wonders on Earth and in Space" enthusiastically affirms the Quran's place as a source of
Idris Al-Azhar
"Scientific Wonders on Earth and in Space" by Darussalam is a captivating exposition that connects the miracles presented in the Quran with natural and cosmic phenomena. It is an enriching journey through science and faith, inviting readers to observe the
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