Riyadus Saliheen 2 Volume Set

Hard, 9786035000857, Darussalam, urdu, 1496, 17x24
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Book Overview:

Dive into the depths of Islamic wisdom with the "Riyadus Saliheen 2 Volume Set" in Urdu, a meticulously curated collection by Imam Abu Zikriya Yahya Bin Sharf An-Noowi. This set, spanning 1,326 pages and bound in hard covers, serves as a gateway to understanding the comprehensive scope of Islamic teachings on morality, etiquette, and the rights of individuals and Allah. Encompassing ahadith sourced from the six major collections, each hadith is accompanied by explanations and commentaries, categorizing content into 372 chapters across 19 sections for easier navigation and comprehension. Aimed at adults but beneficial for all age groups seeking to deepen their understanding and practice of Islam, this set emphasizes the beauty, simplicity, and comprehensiveness of Islamic teachings, making it an essential resource for individuals and educators alike.

Author Bio:

Imam Abu Zikriya Yahya Bin Sharf An-Noowi, a revered Islamic scholar, is celebrated for his profound contributions to Islamic literature. His scholarly works, especially "Riyadus Saliheen," reflect a deep understanding of the Quran and Sunnah, aiming to bridge the gap between divine teachings and daily life practices. His dedication to compiling and explaining ahadith has made his works an invaluable treasure for Muslims striving to lead lives grounded in Islamic principles.

Main Features:

  • Comprehensive Collection: Offers a vast array of ahadith on various aspects of Islamic life, carefully selected and compiled.
  • Structured for Easy Understanding: The content is organized into chapters and sections, simplifying the study and implementation of teachings.
  • Authentic Sources: Ahadith is sourced from six major collections, ensuring reliability and authenticity.
  • Explanatory Notes: Includes brief explanations and commentary on each hadith, providing context and deeper understanding.
  • Practical Islamic Guidance: Focuses on the practical application of Islamic morals and etiquettes in daily life.

Publisher Bio:

Darussalam is recognized worldwide for its contribution to Islamic publishing. Committed to disseminating authentic Islamic knowledge, Darussalam's publications are characterized by scholarly rigor and adherence to the Quran and Sunnah. The "Riyadus Saliheen 2 Volume Set" is a testament to Darussalam's mission of offering accessible, comprehensive, and enriching Islamic literature to the global Muslim community.


Waleed Khan
"Riyadus Saliheen" transcends cultural and linguistic barriers, offering timeless wisdom that resonates with Muslims and non-Muslims alike. The book's universal themes of morality, compassion, and justice make it a valuable resource for anyone seeking to
Ali Hussain
"Riyadus Saliheen" is an invaluable resource for anyone seeking a comprehensive understanding of Islamic principles and teachings. The book provides a thorough exploration of etiquette, morality, and the rights of both Allah and His creations, making it a
Fatima Ahmed
"Riyadus Saliheen" is a treasure trove of wisdom and guidance that illuminates the path to a righteous life. The author's profound insights and practical advice empower readers to navigate the challenges of daily life with grace and conviction.
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