Daughters of the Prophet Muhammed - Paperback

Daughters of the Prophet Muhammed - Paperback

Stories of Prophet for Children (Pack of 15)

Stories of Prophet for Children (Pack of 15)

Prophet Sent by Allah The Story of Adam (A.S) - English

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Embark on a spiritual journey with your children through "Prophet Sent by Allah the Story of Adam (A.S) - English," a beautifully crafted story that introduces the first prophet in Islam.

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Book Overview:

"Prophet Sent by Allah the Story of Adam (A.S) - English" is part of the 'Prophets Sent by ALLAH' series, meticulously crafted by Darussalam to educate and inspire young minds about the lives of significant prophets mentioned in the Quran. This engaging book focuses on Prophet Adam (A.S), the first prophet of Islam, offering a concise and captivating narrative that combines Islamic teachings with storytelling. Aimed at children, it features pleasant, rhyming stories that are both enjoyable to read and easy to memorize. Accompanied by vibrant, full-color illustrations, the book is designed to spark curiosity and moral reflection in young readers, making it an invaluable resource for Islamic education at home or in early schooling.

Publisher Bio:

Darussalam is a renowned publisher recognized for its dedication to producing quality Islamic literature aimed at educating and inspiring readers across the globe. With a focus on authenticity and clarity, Darussalam's publications cater to a diverse audience, from scholars to young children. The "Prophets Sent by ALLAH" series exemplifies Darussalam's commitment to making Islamic teachings accessible and engaging for the younger generation, nurturing a strong and positive foundation in their faith from an early age.


Main Features:

  • Engaging Narrative for Kids: Tailored with rhyming stories that capture the essence of Prophet Adam's (A.S) life and teachings.
  • Vibrant Illustrations: Each page is adorned with colorful illustrations that bring the stories of prophets to life.
  • Series on Major Prophets: Part of a comprehensive series covering 15 prophets, offering a broad spectrum of Islamic history and values.
  • Islamictionary: Includes a simplified glossary aimed at children, explaining Arabic and Islamic terms and concepts.
  • Educationally Sound: Provides Islamically accurate information, fostering a respectful and accurate understanding of religious stories.
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