Prayer According to the Sunnah

Soft, 9789960970684, Darussalam Publishers, Prof. Muhammad Zulfiqar, english, Default
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"Prayer According to the Sunnah" is an enlightening and thorough exploration of the essential Islamic practice of Salah (Prayer). Authored by Prof. Muhammad Zulfiqar, the book delves into the heart of this crucial pillar of Islam, offering comprehensive coverage based on the teachings of the Quran and the authentic Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon him).

The Enlightened Author: Prof. Muhammad Zulfiqar
The acclaimed scholar, Prof. Muhammad Zulfiqar, brings his wealth of knowledge and understanding to this book, guiding the readers through the intricacies of Salah. With a nuanced grasp of Islamic principles, Prof. Zulfiqar offers readers an accessible and reliable guide to perfect their prayers, reflecting the ethos of true Islamic teachings.

Immersive Overview of the Book
"Prayer According to the Sunnah" serves as a spiritual companion to all Muslims. It discusses the crucial aspects of Salah, ranging from its significance in a Muslim's life, the correct methods of performing it, and the spiritual benefits it bestows, to fostering a deeper connection with Allah.

The author's profound insights ensure that readers understand the beauty of Salah, making it an illuminating read for both a layperson  and scholars alike. It is an essential resource for every Muslim committed to understanding and perfecting this key aspect of their faith.

Features That Set This Book Apart

Comprehensive Guide: The book covers all aspects of Salah in detail, ensuring a full understanding of this most important  practice.
Authentic Teachings: The content is drawn from the Quran and the Prophet Muhammad's authentic Sunnah, ensuring the credibility of the information.
Accessible Language: Prof. Zulfiqar uses simple and clear language, making it easy for all readers to comprehend.
Spiritual Enlightenment: The book helps readers appreciate the spiritual depth and significance of Salah, encouraging a more profound connection with Allah.


The Monotheist (goodreads)
Some books teach you practical-matters of the faith, and this is such a book, it is simple yet covers all the essential details. In my humble, opinion this book should is the second book in the English language that should be read on the topic of Salah (P
Mahmood Anwar Bhatti (amazon)
This is a great book, especially for begineers wanting to learn the correct performance of prayer as per the Sunnah. But also a book for experienced muslims who want to advance their knowledge about the sources of the sunnah that are used to reinforce the
Ferzana Hussain(amazon)
This is a great book with references from ahadith supporting the information contained in it
M. Naushervan (Amazon)
Salah/Prayer is a Pillar of Islam, and performing it regularly is a mandatory requirement for all Muslims. That is why learning it correctly is important for performing it according to the Will of the Lord of the Worlds.
This book contains almost all the
hina sami (amazon)
I loved how so many issues and concerns are addressed in this book. Would recommend every family to have one copy at home.
Zeb chaudhary(Amazon)
This book contains Duas which are really helpful So Many duas to learn
Mahmood (Amazon)
This book is very informative , every muslim should read this book. I am a muslim by birth and I still found many informative stuff in this book that i did not know before
Warda Ahmed (good reads)
This is an essential Islamic book everyone should have. People overlook the intricacies of Prayer despite it being the most important form of worship in our religion. It walks you through the steps, the conditions, and differences between genders as well
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