Passport to English Book 3 Volume art paper - English

Hard, 9960986039, Darussalam, Larbi Benrezzouk, english, 42, 17x24
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This English course is intended for those individuals who would like to learn basic conversational American English. Its primary goal is to help such learners develop the ability to communicate in English according to the situation,purpose and roles of the participants. The learner is presented throughout the course with natural and useful language,and is taught how to use English for everyday life situations and purposes related to many aspects of life including work,social life and leisure.

Each unit begins with the vocabulary words and expressions intended to be used in the unit out of context; some other units begin with the grammatical points to be covered in them. Grammar points are carefully graded in the course. There is no explanation of grammatical points,as this places a great burden on the learner`s shoulders and tends to put him off learning the language altogether. Therefore,grammatical points have been presented communicatively through the use of a variety of short conversations that will help give the learner an idea of how they can be accurately used.


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