Our Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him)

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Details About Our Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) Book

Experience the extraordinary story of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW), a man who changed the course of history with his teachings and leadership. This insightful guide takes you through his life's journey, from his childhood in Mecca to his final sermon, offering a unique perspective on his personality, character, and achievements.

  • Delve into the Prophet's early years and the challenges he faced
  • Understand the context and significance of his prophetic call and message
  • Witness his compassion, wisdom, and bravery in the face of opposition and persecution
  • Learn about his remarkable leadership qualities and how he united the Arabian tribes under one umbrella
  • Discover the impact of his teachings on contemporary society and their relevance in modern times
  • Reflect on his farewell sermon and the lessons it holds for all humanity

This book is not just a historical account; it's a source of inspiration and guidance for anyone seeking to improve themselves and their communities. Order now and get ready to explore the life and teachings of a true leader and statesman!

About the Author

The book "Our Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him)" is an enlightening contribution from author Muhammad Sulaiman Salman Mansurpuri. With a profound understanding of Islamic teachings and a profound respect for the Prophet's life, Mansurpuri embarks on an exploration of the Prophet's life in a way that is seldom seen. Mansurpuri's intricate research and attention to detail shine through every page of this book.


Haidar Mukino
Easy to read and understand. Unfortunately, it feels too short of a story. Very recommended for those people who want to start learning and understand our Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him.
Salah Mudara
Did not meet my expectations
I have a hard time reading but this book, although very brief it was really beneficial and reading it makes me feel at home. Worth it !
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