On The Mountain Peak

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Book Overview:

On The Mountain Peak by Darussalam is a book about pious people who race to repent and seek Allah’s forgiveness at all times. This book is designed to encourage people to do Istighfar and it relates stories of very pious Muslims highlighting their efforts in seeking forgiveness from Allah.

On the Mountain Peak takes its readers on a journey with various groups of virtuous people, who compete with each other in worship and performing good deeds; who race pray for the everlasting gardens of paradise and race to seek forgiveness from their lord. It tells stories of both men and women who reached the highest pinnacle of success and have the potential of inspiring other Muslims in doing the same.

A Challenge Between People:

This book shows you a "race" happening between groups of people. But this race is not about who can run faster or jump higher. It's about who can do the most good deeds and who can worship Allah more sincerely.


Reaching for Paradise:

The book involves tales of men and women who strive, with all their hearts, not for worldly things, but for a place in paradise.

Asking for Forgiveness:

A major part of the book focuses on 'Istighfar' - an act of asking for Allah's forgiveness. It shows how these good people always aim to correct their wrongs by seeking forgiveness from Allah.

An Inspiration to All:

The stories come together to encourage readers to ask for Allah's forgiveness, take actions that bring good to others, and lead a life of kindness and faith.


Zainab Al-Qarni
On The Mountain Peak' is an unprecedented climb towards the spiritual peak. It instills wholesome values while nurturing an environment of forgiveness and repentance. The stories are both impactful and inspiring, leading us towards accurate religious unde
Abdulla Salem
Dr. Muhammad Abdul Rehman Al-Arifi brings a searing investment in forgiveness and purity in 'On The Mountain Peak'. It is stirring to read about remarkable Muslims who relentlessly seek Allah's forgiveness. The book is a must-read for those seeking inspir
Jamila Al-Badel
This book encapsulates beautifully the struggle of sinners turning into saints through 'Istighfar'. It's an enchanting journey that is not merely engaging but provides a blueprint on the path of seeking forgiveness from Allah. Highly recommended for reade
Yahya Al-Hashim
'On The Mountain Peak' is not merely a collection of inspirational stories, but a vivid journey towards faith and forgiveness. Each story is a testament to the power of redemption, the embrace of devout worship, and the pursuit of higher moral grounds.
Layla Al-Mansour
'On The Mountain Peak' is an excellent read, encouraging us on our spiritual journey. The stories impart a deep understanding of the importance of recognizing our flaws and seeking divine forgiveness, fostering a sense of humility in our hearts.
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