Now You Are A Mother - English

Hard, 9782987456803, Darussalam, Duaa Raoof Shaheen, english, 333, 14x21
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Overview of "Now You Are A Mother"

This comprehensive book takes you on a journey beyond the elementary principles of raising babies and toddlers. It offers a profound understanding of a mother's role, presenting a realistic portrayal of the challenges, trials, and joyous moments that dot the path of motherhood.

Even though it touches upon numerous aspects, "Now You Are A Mother" is not a complete guide to motherhood - as no book can truly encompass the vast experiences that motherhood entails. Instead, it serves as an invitation to the voyage of motherhood, inspiring you to adapt and grow, using the book as your springboard.

Duaa Raoof Shaheen's "Now You Are A Mother" stands as a beacon of insight and guidance, navigating you through the beautiful voyage of motherhood. This original, heartfelt, and enlightening piece resonates deeply with new mothers seeking guidance, making it a staple addition to your library.

Remember, every journey into motherhood is unique. While this book offers guidance, always trust your instincts and reach out to healthcare professionals when needed. Enjoy the ride to parenting!

Unique Features of "Now You Are A Mother"

  • The book harmoniously merges modern parenting advice with Islamic teachings, providing a wholesome guide for new mothers.
  • It includes Duaa's personal experiences, adding a real-life element to the text, which further enriches the reading experience.
  • It covers a wide range of aspects of the early stages of motherhood, making it a comprehensive guide for new parents.
  • The book advocates the concept of a "support system," encouraging mothers to seek help from medical professionals, public health nurses, and more.

Author: Duaa Raoof Shaheen

The book is a work of love and experience from the distinguished author, Duaa Raoof Shaheen. Her empathetic writing style and detailed grasp of the subject form the cornerstone of this enlightening guide.


Great gift. Just full of info I know I wanted and in glad my friend liked the gift too. Lovely illustrations and pictures too.
Good read for a first time mom. Good content.
While the content is good I find the quality of paper, print and binding to be atrocious. The pages were coming off even before I could gift it so I decided to just not give it. The text is blurred in places, makes me think this is a cheap reproduction of
Malik Amer
I ordered coz I knew it was a good book. Had read it at an aunt's place .. but it arrived in a black n white print.
Useful for Muslim mummies. Lots of information for first time mummies!
Farna only
Very good content.. very interesting to read.
Nilofer Mohideen
Impressed by d package.
Shaik Mahafooz
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