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Introducing the world’s first smart, interactive adult prayer mat, for Ages 10 and Up, brought to you by My Salah Mat. Learn to connect with Allah with this interactive prayer mat, designed to elevate the prayer experience.
How does it work?
Built-in Sensors! The mat is thoughtfully designed with integrated sensors. These sensors are carefully positioned to align with where the hands, feet, and forehead rest during prayer. As an adult positions themselves on the mat in the correct posture for prayer, the mat detects this and responds accordingly.

While it's crafted with teenagers and adults in mind, it stands out as the perfect gift and companion for revert Muslims, Insha'Allah. Its lightweight design makes it easy to store and ideal for use at home or on the go. The Interactive Adult Prayer Mat is not just a mat—it's an essential tool that aids adults in connecting with Allah (SWT), learning the salah, and ensuring they remain guided.

Start Praying from the day you take your Shahada and never miss a prayer Insha’Allah.

Curious about its features? Below is an informative explanation video. We highly recommend giving it a watch to see the mat in action!

Features Include:

It is made from waterproof and fire-resistant materials.
There are 25 touch-sensitive keys
Learn Surahs, Adhan, Salah, Duas and much more
Pray any salah with a touch of a button – simply select the prayer you wish to pray, once you have selected the prayer, this will only start when you stand on the feet position.
The whole prayer is guided by lighting up the different positions in prayer at the right time. Showing the person praying the position they need to go to at that particular time.
The prayer mat is also guided by touch-sensitive technology, for example, what you say in sujood will not start until the person praying touches that part of the prayer mat with their head. When they touch the right position, the mat recognises they are in sujood and then it will recite the sujood dua.
Quran Recitation is from a Qualified (Qari) with Ijazah.

Prayer mat Size is 147cm in Length x 75cm in Width.
Box size: 40cm in Width, 32 in Length and 10cm in Depth
Weight is 1.1kg
Materials Mat is made from : Waterproof and Fire proof
Batteries NOT included
Also included is a Manual Book which includes; How to Perform Salah Guide, Duas, Surahs and a whole section dedicated to make notes.

Give someone an unforgettable gift, one that will benefit them and you in this life and the next life!


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