My First 50 Arabic Words

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Book Overview:

"My First 50 Arabic Words" is a colorful and educational set of 50 large flashcards that serve as an essential foundation for young learners to acquire basic Arabic vocabulary. Each card proudly displays vibrant illustrations along with the most commonly used Arabic words, encouraging children to make connections between images and their corresponding terms.

Author Bio:

Saniyasnain Khan has established himself as an esteemed author dedicated to crafting educational content for children. His passion for teaching shines through in each of his projects, with a primary focus on making learning both fun and impactful. He brings an innovative approach to language development, especially within the sphere of Islamic education, and is known for creating materials that capture the essence of interactive learning.


Main Features:

  • Collection of 50 durable flashcards featuring commonly used Arabic words.
  • Each card provides a visual illustration, the word in Arabic and English, and its transliteration for easy pronunciation guidance.
  • The cards are designed with large, clear text and bright colors to capture the attention of young learners.
  • A perfect tool for parents and educators to encourage early language development and comprehension.
  • Offers a hands-on learning experience that promotes active recall and retention of vocabulary.
  • An effective resource for introducing children to bilingualism and the basics of the Arabic language.


David Abdul
The flashcard set 'My First 50 Arabic Words' by Saniyasnain Khan is an excellent visual aid for introducing Arabic to young minds. The vivid illustrations and large, easy-to-read text make each card stand out, reinforcing word recognition and language ski
Sara Ahmed
'My First 50 Arabic Words' flashcard set is the perfect educational gift for kids beginning to learn Arabic. The illustrations are engaging and the cards cover a practical selection of commonly used words, providing a solid foundation for expanding vocabu
Farah Iqbal
'My First 50 Arabic Words' is a delightful and engaging way for children to begin building their Arabic vocabulary. The set, featuring 50 vibrantly illustrated flashcards, perfectly captures the interest of young learners. Each card displays a commonly u
Susan Maher
'My First 50 Arabic Words' is an invaluable resource for parents and educators alike. Not only do the cards feature appealing and relevant illustrations for each word, but the inclusion of English translations and transliterations makes them immensely pra
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