My Creator

Soft, 9786035004305, Darussalam, Dr. Zahoor Ali Shaikh, english, Default
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Book Overview:

"Path to the Creator" is an enlightening resource that addresses the innate spiritual curiosity present in every human being. Each chapter covers a unique topic, totaling 33 in number, all directly referring to enlightening references from the Holy Qur'an - the Word of God.

Here's what's in store for you:

  • A comprehensive exploration of 33 different topics to stoke your intrigue about the divine.
  • References culled directly from the Holy Qur'an, providing authentic information and enlightening perspectives.
  • An eye-opening self-analysis mechanism, pushing readers to delve deeper into their essence and spiritual standing.
  • Guided reflection on life's significant questions, inducing thoughts that matter and encouraging the search for the ultimate truth.


    • A concluding section posing numerous provocative questions designed to guide you towards defining your spiritual path and future.
    • This book remains easily understandable, using a language that resonates with both native and non-native English speakers, while maintaining a professional touch. 

About the Author:

The author, a reputed spiritual mentor and a devout believer, has years of theological study behind him, enabling him to present intricate topics in a lucid, easy-to-understand manner. The amalgamation of his expertise and devotion to the divine makes "Path to the Creator" an invaluable addition to your spiritual journey.


Ayesha Al Nasser
"My Creator" is a profound insightful work, touching on 33 significant Qur'anic themes. The author's skillful presentation encourages readers to delve deep into their spiritual essence making it a valuable companion for those on a spiritual journey.
Abdullah AlFalah
"My Creator" ingeniously addresses the spiritual curiosity innate in every reader. By exploring 33 diversified Qur'anic themes and invoking a thought-provoking self-analysis approach, this book serves as a beacon guiding towards righteousness and divine u
Khalid Al Ghamdi
"My Creator", a book by Dr. Zahoor Ali Shaikh, is an enlightening beacon leading towards spiritual wisdom. With its deep exploration of varied Qur'anic themes and engaging self-reflection questions, this book offers an unmatched spiritual guide to all see
Obaid Al Hakim
"My Creator" is an exceptional resource that invites readers into an insightful journey of spiritual self-discovery. With its well-presented Qur'anic references and thoughtful inquiry, it becomes an indispensable guide on the spiritual journey of every in
Sarah Al Zahran
Dr. Zahoor Ali Shaikh's "My Creator" is a unique blend of wisdom and introspection, guiding readers towards profound self-understanding. By exploring numerous Qur'anic themes and concluding with impactful questions, this book makes for an inspiring read.
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