Miracles of the Messenger - English - Hard Cover- 14x21

Hard, 9786035001335, Darussalam Publishers, Darussalam Research Center, english, 240, 14x21
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The book "Miracles of the Messenger" explores the extraordinary events and occurrences that accompanied the life of the Prophet Muhammad (S). Readers will enjoy discovering the various miracles that were bestowed upon the Prophet as a means of divine support and proof of his prophethood. 

By delving into the miracles of the Messenger, readers will gain insight into the profound and miraculous nature of Islam's final Prophet. Through these accounts, readers will not only acquire knowledge about the extraordinary events that took place during the Prophet's lifetime but also develop a deeper appreciation for his unique role in history.

This book offers a perspective that showcases the divine interventions and supernatural occurrences that surrounded the Prophet Muhammad (S), shedding light on his spiritual significance and the undeniable signs of his prophethood. Readers can expect to gain valuable insights into the unseen aspects of the Prophet's life and his special connection with the divine.

Through the exploration of the miracles of the Messenger, readers will not only deepen their understanding of the Prophet's extraordinary life but also come to appreciate the awe-inspiring events that marked his journey as the final Prophet of Islam. This book serves as a gateway to a world of divine wonders and spiritual enlightenment, offering readers a glimpse into the extraordinary life of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW).


Firdouse Ahmad Wani
Very good and informative book
Beautiful read
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