Methodical Interpretation of The Noble Quran - Part 30

Hard, 9789960594279, Darussalam Publishers, Dr. Ahmad Nawfal, english, 295, 22x32
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Overview: Bridging Hearts to Quranic Knowledge

Embark on a transformative journey through the Quran's pages with "Methodical Interpretation of The Noble Quran," an enlightening resource designed to make Quranic teachings more approachable. Crafted with precision by a group of Quranic scholars, led by Dr. Ahmad Nawfal, this book serves as a beacon of knowledge for beginners and intermediate students seeking a profound understanding of Islamic scripture.

"Methodical Interpretation Of The Noble Quran" transcends being a mere book; it's a learning odyssey designed to deepen your connection with the timeless wisdom of the Quran. Presented in a format that respects the pace and style of each learner, this book is a valuable addition to any Islamic education collection.

Author Profile:

Dr. Ahmad Nawfal leads a team of scholarly authors, each holding a Ph.D. in Tafsir (Quranic Exegesis). Their collective expertise forms the backbone of this book, ensuring authentic and meticulous interpretations. Dr. Ahmad Nawfal's work is further endorsed by the esteemed Dr. Umar al-Ashqar, whose review attests to the quality and reliability of this text.

Main Features

  • Authored by Dr. Ahmad Nawfal, a respected figure in Islamic scholarship, alongside a team of experts.
  • Published by Darussalam, a leader in Islamic literature.
  • Tailored for an international audience, employing straightforward language for easy comprehension.
  • Organized into manageable lessons for systematic learning.
  • Interactive components include vocabulary, commentary, and reflective exercises.
  • Features quizzes, essay prompts, and research tasks to reinforce knowledge and stimulate critical thinking.
  • Suitable for both traditional classroom settings and self-study environments.

Whether for personal exploration or structured learning, this book serves as a guiding light on the path to understanding the Quran. Seize the opportunity to grow in faith and knowledge—add "Methodical Interpretation Of The Noble Quran" to your library today.


Laila Rahman
"Methodical Interpretation of the Noble Quran - Part 30" provides not just a translation, but a comprehensive study plan for the final juz' of the Quran. Dr. Ahmad Nawfal has created an invaluable academic resource that ensures a rewarding learning experi
Karim Al-Jabir
This interpretative text on the 30th part of the Noble Quran is meticulously authored by a team of acclaimed scholars and offers a systematic pedagogical approach for learning. Dr. Ahmad Nawfal's work is a testimony to dedicated Islamic scholarship and ma
Amina Hamid
The concluding segment of the Quran holds a special place in Islamic education, and Dr. Ahmad Nawfal's "Methodical Interpretation of the Noble Quran - Part 30" captures its essence brilliantly. The book renders complex Islamic teachings into accessible le
Yasir Qadhi
"Methodical Interpretation of the Noble Quran - Part 30" is a distinguished work that brings the last juz' of the Quran into clear focus for students and educators alike. Authored by Dr. Ahmad Nawfal and his team, this textbook is finely structured to aid
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