Men in Captivity

Soft, Darussalam Publishers, english, 40, 12x17
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Book Overview:

"Men in Captivity" by Sami Ayoub offers a powerful glimpse into early Islamic history through the lens of heroism and brotherhood. This 40-page children's storybook unfolds the narrative of Muslim mujahidin who were taken captive in the seventh-century Hijra, and their consequent liberation led by a committed Sultan. The book illuminates the spirit of sacrifice and dedication that the early Muslims held towards their cause and each other, including the remarkable story of a nine-year-old who stood ready to lay down his life for the cause of Allah.

Author Bio:

Sami Ayoub is known for sketching compelling narratives that touch on significant episodes from Islamic history. In "Men in Captivity," Ayoub manages to make the past resonate with the present through accessible language aimed at young readers. His storytelling not only educates but also fosters a strong connection to Islamic values and traditions, making them come alive within the minds and hearts of young Muslims today.


Main Features:

  • Engaging storytelling tailored to captivate young adults and children.
  • Highlights a significant historical event with impactful moral lessons.
  • Softcover edition with 40 pages, perfectly sized for easy reading at 12x17 cm.
  • Utilizes a simple language style, enriching for English readers of all levels.
  • Designed to spark a deep sense of Islamic history and valor in a young audience.


Bilal Hasan
‘Men in Captivity’ is a compelling account of the trials and steadfastness of notable Muslim figures throughout history. The depth of research and eloquence in storytelling make this book both informative and deeply moving. It presents vivid lessons on pa
Omar Abdel
‘Men in Captivity’ is a solid compilation of poignant stories from the Islamic perspective. Each page is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit as guided by faith. Readers interested in Islamic history will find this a meaningful read.
Fatima Zahid
This book presents valuable lessons from the lives of captive men through Islamic history, though the dense academic prose demands patience to digest. A version with more visual aids and summaries would help reach a broader readership.
Yusuf Iqbal
‘Men in Captivity’ serves as an important chronicle of the strength found in faith and conviction. While the accounts are meticulously detailed, the narrative could be lightened to enhance its overall accessibility to readers of all ages.
Ayesha Mahmood
The book masterfully captures the essence of enduring faith during times of trial. Reading about the experiences of these men in captivity has provided me with a renewed appreciation for the unwavering spirit taught by Islam.
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