Men and Women around the Messenger - English

Hard, 9786035000338, Darussalam, Saad Yusuf Abu Aziz, english, 608, 14x21, 1 color
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Book Overview

"Men and Women Around the Messenger" is an enlightening book that brings to life the stories of Prophet Muhammad's (P.B.U.H) companions and the righteous caliphs. Published by Darussalam, this English-language book provides invaluable insights into the lives, accomplishments, and character of these revered figures in Islamic tradition.

Lives Transformed by Islam

The book details the journeys of the Messenger's companions who found their lives transformed by Islam. It covers how they came to accept the religion and the changes it brought about in their lives.

Characters and Traits Further

This book sheds light on the distinguishing character traits of these companions. It captures the strength, dedication, piety, and honor these men and women embodied.

Inspiring Events and Lessons

Detailed accounts of inspiring events from the lives of these companions form an essential part of this book. These events convey lessons of faith, perseverance, and commitment that continue to inspire millions around the world.

For every Muslim and Non-Muslim Reader

"Men and Women Around the Messenger" serves as a valuable resource not just for devout Muslims, but also for those who seek to understand the root of Islamic culture, tradition, and spirituality. It's an excellent read for anyone who wishes to understand the historical narratives that shaped the companions and righteous caliphs surrounding Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H).


Sulaiman Al-Hussein
Men and Women around the Messenger (PBUH)" presents insightful narratives on the significant companions and caliphs of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Each account delves deep, illuminating their remarkable personalities and spiritual transformations. This book
Hanaa Al-Jazeera
"Men and Women around the Messenger (PBUH)" provides a vivid portrayal of the Prophet’s companions, their acceptance of Islam, and their subsequent transformations. This book is a wonderful resource for understanding the pillars upon which Islamic culture
Khalid Al-Farsi
Offering a profound exploration of the lives of the Messenger's companions, "Men and Women around the Messenger (PBUH)" is a treasure. The book beautifully narrates the transformative power of Islam and the unique traits of these distinguished individuals
Aisha Al-Khalifa
The book leads one onto a path of discovery regarding the lives of the companions and the righteous caliphs of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). The stories of piety, strength, and dedication embodied by these characters shine through each page, providing inspirat
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