Learn to Write Arabic Alphabet Board Book

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Introduce the joy of Arabic learning to your children with Saniyasnain Khan's "Learn to Write Arabic Alphabet Board Book." It's not just a book but a fun-filled joyride that simplifies Arabic Alphabet learning with its colorful illustrations and user-friendly content. Ideal for youngsters and non-native speakers, it marries entertainment with education like a dream!

About the Author:

Saniyasnain Khan is a much-loved author, known for his interesting way of imparting Islamic education to children. He bridges the gap between traditional values & modern learning techniques, making religious teachings relatable to the younger generation.

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive learning tool, covering all 28 letters of the Arabic Alphabet.
  • Simple language and user-friendly content, ensure smooth learning for younger students.
  • High-quality graphical illustrations that capture the attention of children.
  • Fun-filled, interactive writing practices.
  • Suitable for non-native speakers given its clear instructions and straightforward explanations.


Ahmed Al-Hamad
The "Learn to Write Arabic Alphabet Board Book" is an ingeniously crafted book. It simplifies Arabic learning with its colorful, interactive, and easy-to-grasp content, making it a great educational tool for youngsters and non-native speakers alike.
Ahmed Al-Saud
"Learn to Write Arabic Alphabet Board Book" provides a highly interactive and effective approach to introducing the Arabic alphabet. The engaging graphics and clear instructions make it a perfect starting point for young learners or beginners.
Asma Al-Khaldi
Saniyasnain Khan's book delves into an engaging exploration of the Arabic Alphabet. With its creative illustrations, user-friendly content, and interactive writing practices, "Learn to Write Arabic Alphabet Board Book" turns learning into a compelling exp
Farah Abdulaziz
Saniyasnain Khan's "Learn to Write Arabic Alphabet Board Book" makes learning Arabic a fun and engaging experience. With its colorful illustrations and interactive content, the book makes learning a joyride. The perfect guide for children embarking on the
Laila Al-Farsi
The "Learn to Write Arabic Alphabet Board Book" by Saniyasnain Khan is a wonderful resource in beginning Arabic learning. The blend of vivid illustrations and a user-friendly approach makes learning the Arabic alphabet an enjoyable process for children.
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