Islamic Medicine the Key to a Better Life

Hard, 9786035000611, Darussalam, Yusuf Al Hajj Ahmad, english, 17x24
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More About Islamic Medicine The Key to a Better Life

In the pursuit of a better life, mankind has endlessly sought answers in science, philosophy, and faith. One such potent blend of faith and health wisdom can be found in Islamic teachings. This brings us to our focal point, 'Islamic Medicine - The Key to a Better Life,' a remarkable book that bridges the realms of faith and wellness, outlining a path to holistic health deeply rooted in Islamic principles.

About the Author

The author, Yusuf Al Hajj Ahmad, is a distinguished scholar of Islamic studies. His proficiency in extracting health-related principles from the Quran and Sunnah and making them applicable to contemporary health scenarios makes him the perfect narrator for this tale of health and faith intertwined.

Understanding the Book

Yusuf Al Hajj Ahmad's 'Islamic Medicine - The Key to a Better Life' serves as a comprehensive guide exploring the intersection of Islamic principles and health. The book navigates through the essence of natural superfoods and holistic remedies, ingrained in Islamic teachings, endorsed by the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). The author meticulously explains how adhering to these principles not only enhances our physical health but also brings peace to our minds and souls.

Unique Features of the Book

    • Empowers readers with an Islamic perspective on health
    • Integrates modern health challenges with solutions offered by Islamic principles
    • Authored by a credible scholar in Islamic studies
    • A comprehensive guide on embracing natural superfoods and holistic remedies
    • Emphasizes the role of a healthy lifestyle in the Islamic faith


A S Khan
The well made out pulication gives vivid research based information on some natural medicines. An essential read for all.
Najme Alam
This book is so helpful for basic problems and the message from MOHAMMAD (SALLALLAHUALIHEWASALLAM) is given properly.
Alhamdulillah a very very nice n informative book. I love it seriously. Jazakallah for all the good efforts towards making this book
Sarah Gheith
Amazing service as it came way before its delivery date. It came within two days of purchase which was excellent!The book itself is absolutely brilliant! Filled with knowledge including modern science in regards of the Sunnah! I was mind blown. Subhaan A
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