Islamic Guideline on Medicine

Hard, 9786035000468, Darussalam, Yusuf Al Hajj Ahmad, english, 17x24
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The Islamic Guideline on Medicine – A Masterpiece in Islamic Medical Philosophy

The Islamic Guideline on Medicine is an extraordinary exploration into the realm of health and wellness from an Islamic perspective. Crafted by Yusuf Al Hajj Ahmad, this book is an enlightening dive into how the tenets of Islam interplay with medical knowledge, establishing a unique blend of faith and scientific understanding. The book provides a compelling, refreshing view of health, navigating the fine lines between physical, mental, and spiritual well-being through Islamic teachings.

Author: Yusuf Al Hajj Ahmad – An Expert in Islamic Studies and Health Sciences

Renowned author Yusuf Al Hajj Ahmad presents a rare convergence of Islamic teachings and health sciences in this insightful guide. His impressive scholarship in Islamic studies, combined with a solid grounding in health sciences, provides a unique perspective on the integration of faith and health. His writings serve as a beacon of knowledge for those striving to understand the Islamic viewpoint on health and wellness.

Overview: Holistic Health Care through the Lens of Islam

Islamic Guideline on Medicine serves as an indispensable resource for understanding the principles of health and wellness within the framework of Islam. The book is divided into six fundamental categories, each reflecting a unique aspect of Islamic medical philosophy.

The book underscores the importance of Islamic teachings and etiquette when practicing medicine. It champions a holistic approach, advocating equal attention to the body, mind, and soul. Further, it upholds a universal viewpoint, aiming to benefit all people through the effective use of all resources.

Islamic Guideline on Medicine: Unique Features

    • A deep exploration of medical knowledge underpinned by Islamic teachings.
    • An endorsement of logical reasoning and holistic approach in healthcare.
    • A universal and scientific methodology focusing on benefiting all people.
    • Strives for excellence in healthcare, reaching areas where traditional medicine fails.


With the 'Islamic Guideline on Medicine', the reader is on a unique health journey where spiritual and physical wellness converges. Riveting, insightful, and filled with wisdom, this book is a milestone in Islamic medical philosophy."
Fascinating! Expertly merges Islamic teaching with medical knowledge to present a compelling perspective on health. 'Islamic Guideline on Medicine' isn't just a book—it's a health revolution!
'Islamic Guideline on Medicine' is an engaging blend of faith and modern health sciences! Yusuf Al Hajj Ahmad reveals deep insights into holistic well-being from an Islamic viewpoint. A must-have for every seeker of knowledge.
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