Islamic Etiquettes for Newborn Child - English

Hard, 9789960897240, Darussalam, Darussalam Research Center, english, 166, 14x21
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Islamic Etiquettes for a Newborn Child is a nice booklet prepared by Darussalam Research Division. It highlights, from the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), the precise etiquettes that we should be instilling in our newborn children. It is a must-read book if you are newly married or expecting a child. Every claim made in this book is supported by authentic hadiths and verses from the Noble Quran. It also details names that are prohibited to be used for Muslim children and names that are disliked according to the Islamic Law.

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Now you are a Mother

Motherhood is one of the most natural things in the world yet most of us are still unsure regarding the responsibilities as a mother. Islam is a complete religion that touches upon every aspect of life. It's the only religion that has left for its believers a complete guidance on life. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) said:

قد تركتكم على البيضاءِ ليلُها كنهارِها

“I am leaving you upon a (path of) brightness whose night is like its day.”(ابن ماجه: 43)
Islam has never left its followers in any ambiguity about how mothers should raise their children. The guidance in regards to a mother’s duty to her child is to raise the babies as the culture and rules of society but not according to the method of the Jewish and the Christians in order to avoid their resemblance. The only thing which mothers have to follow while raising their child in the light of Islam is to do what is the best for them according to the cultures and rules of society but with moderation.

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