Islamic dress code for women - English

Soft, 9789960899442, Darussalam Publishers, Darussalam Research Center, english, 64, 14x21
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Written by the reputed Darussalam Research Center, "Islamic Dress Code for Women" is a thoughtfully crafted piece of literature that aims to bring clarity to one of the most misunderstood aspects of Islam - the dress code for women. It is a beacon of hope, serving as a solution to societal problems stemming from sexual abuse and perversion.

An Overview of "Islamic Dress Code for Women"

In today's world, where sexual abuse and related crimes have reached alarming proportions, there's a growing sense of despair. This predicament threatens not just the present generation, but also the ones yet to come. The book presents divine guidance as the solution to this complex issue. 

The "Islamic Dress Code for Women" proposes that by adhering to the guidelines set by the Almighty, we can significantly curb these societal issues.

The book doesn't merely present the Islamic dress code as a set of rules to follow. Instead, it paints a picture of the Islamic dress code as a form of empowerment for women, a way to protect their dignity, and a path to inspire respect in society. It underscores that this guidance from Allah isn't a restriction but an offering of protection against the potential harm the world may inflict.

Features of the Book

This enlightening piece of literature, "Islamic Dress Code for Women," presents several notable features:

  • Comprehensive interpretation of the Islamic dress code for women, stemming from the Holy Quran and Hadith.
  • Presents the dress code as a divine solution to curb the growing sexual abuse and related issues in society.
  • Meticulously researched and compiled by the experts at Darussalam Research Center, demonstrating authority and credibility in the subject matter.
  • Provides understanding and guidance for both the present and future generations, promoting a safer, more respectful world.

Category and Genre

"Islamic Dress Code for Women" predominantly falls into the genre of Religion and Spirituality. It offers profound insights into Islamic teachings, particularly addressing the concept of the Hijab and its underlying implications.

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With its masterful interpretation of the Islamic dress code for women, this book serves as a guide to understanding the wisdom behind this divine guidance. It fosters respect, dignity, and safety for women, promoting a more harmonious world.


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