Islam A Total Beginner's Guide - Part 1

Soft, 9786035003216, Darussalam Publishers, Molvi Abdul Aziz, english, 96, 17x24
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Book Overview:  

"Islam: A Total Beginner's Guide 1" is an introductory text that seeks to clarify common questions for those new to the Islamic faith, written by Molvi Abdul Aziz. Covering 96 pages, this guide makes the fundamental principles of Islam accessible, discussing topics such as women's rights in Islam, the institution of marriage, the Islamic dress code, and other foundational teachings. Crafted for readers aged 7 to 10 years, this softcover book is an ideal starting point for young learners to understand Islam in a simple, comprehensible manner.

Author Bio:  

Molvi Abdul Aziz is a respected author known for his educational endeavors in imparting Islamic knowledge to younger audiences. His work is notable for its straightforward language and contextual explanations intended to foster comprehension and curiosity about Islam. As an educator, Molvi Abdul Aziz has dedicated his craft to creating engaging resources that serve as gateways to lifelong learning about the religion of Islam.


Main Features:  

  • An easy-to-follow guide specifically designed for beginners with no prior knowledge of Islam.
  • Engaging explanations of key Islamic principles and values.
  • Addresses commonly asked questions about Islamic practices and societal norms.
  • Softcover edition with large print size (17x24) for easy handling and reading by younger audiences.
  • Carefully structured content to foster understanding and respect for Islamic traditions.


Amina Zayd
"Islam: A Total Beginner's Guide - Part 1" by Molvi Abdul Aziz serves as an excellent resource for young readers looking to explore the basics of Islam. It thoughtfully addresses the fundamentals of the faith, cultural practices, and provides answers to c
Fatimah Noor
With clarity and grace, Molvi Abdul Aziz's guide approaches Islamic teachings in a way that resonates with younger readers. This book lays a solid foundation for understanding Islamic practices, women's roles in Islam, and the importance of marriage, serv
Yusuf Kareem
This guide is a thoughtful introduction to the Islamic faith for children. Molvi Abdul Aziz simplifies complex concepts without losing the essence, making the teachings accessible and engaging. The book caters to the curious minds of young learners, spark
Harun Rashid
"Islam: A Total Beginner's Guide - Part 1" is the ideal compendium for impressionable readers diving into the teachings of Islam. The book's organization and Molvi Abdul Aziz's careful exposition ensure that essential aspects of the religion are communica
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