Interpretation of the Meanings of the Noble Quran

Hard, 9782987459262, Darussalam, Dr. Mohammad Muhsin Khan, english, 1115, 14x21
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Book Overview:

Step towards a lifestyle of wisdom and enlightenment with our newly available 'Noble Quran', interpreted by the remarkable Dr. Mohammad Muhsin Khan.

Delivered in a professional and easy-to-understand language, this book is your guide to comprehending the Quran's timeless wisdom. 

Key Features:

 Detailed Interpretation: This is not merely a translation but an intensive interpretation that provides a deeper understanding of each verse underlining the Noble Quran.

 Easy to Understand: Crafted in easily comprehensible language, it appeals to the global audience, irrespective of their familiarity with Arabic text.

 Broad Coverage: The authors unravel cultural, spiritual, and philosophical elements encapsulated in Quranic verses, enriching your knowledge about the core aspects of Islam.



Respecting Quran's Sanctity: Bridging the gap between modern readers and age-old Islamic teachings, this interpretation reveres the Quran's sanctity, reflecting divine wisdom in its purest form.

Darussalam Publishers: As a part of their ongoing commitment to propagating authentic Islamic literature, Darussalam Publishers make this enlightening work accessible globally.

About the Author:

Dr. Muhammad Taqi ud Din and Dr. Muhammad Muhsin Khan are respected figures in Islamic scholarship. Leveraging their deep knowledge of Islamic scriptures and linguistics, they interpret the Holy Quran's meanings in a manner that aligns with modern perspectives while stringently maintaining the authenticity of the teachings.

Experience their insightful work and enhance your spiritual journey today.


Amazon Customer
This interpretation is a must-have for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of the Quran. The authors' clear and concise explanations make it accessible to readers of all levels.
Amazon Customer
An excellent resource for studying the Quran. The authors provide a wealth of information and insights that help to illuminate the text and its teachings.
Sarah Ahmed
This book is a great way to teach children about Hadith in a fun and engaging way. The activities are well-designed and the information is presented in a clear and concise way. I highly recommend this book.
Khadija Ali
My children love this book! They have learned so much about Hadith and the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). The activities are fun and engaging, and the illustrations are beautiful. I highly recommend this book.
Amina Hussain
This book is a wonderful resource for parents and teachers who want to teach children about Hadith. The activities are well-designed and the information is presented in a clear and concise way. I highly recommend this book.
Islamic Book Review
A highly recommended interpretation of the Quran, offering a unique blend of scholarly rigor and accessibility. The authors' deep knowledge and reverence for the text are evident on every page.
A comprehensive and enlightening interpretation of the Quran, providing a deeper understanding of its teachings and relevance in the modern world.
The authors' expertise in Islamic scripture and linguistics shines through in their insightful commentary, making this book a valuable resource for both scholars and general readers.
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